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X1FX Visual Effects Company Signs Mid West and West Coast Reps

Culver City, CA, June 5, 2008 — X1FX, a leading visual effects and design company specializing in FX for feature films, TV commercials and music videos, has retained new Mid-West and West Coast Reps for future commercial projects. Edy Enriquez, X1FX’s Executive Producer and Head of Sales, made the announcement.

X1FX’s new Mid-West Rep is Lauren McNamara, of the rep firm Lauren McNamara, Inc., who is based in Chicago. The company’s new West Coast Rep is Yvette Lubinsky of the rep firm YvetteReps, based in Culver City, CA. Lubinsky said, “Whether it’s a big job or small, X1FX always puts the same great creative energy and enthusiasm behind all of their work.�

Enriquez said, “I am ecstatic to have both Lauren and Yvette on board. Yvette has been in the business a long time and can open a lot of doors for us. She understands post and knows our strengths. The Mid-West has long been a tough market for us to crack, so having Lauren on the ground there for us now is a blessing. She has the right attitude and sees eye to eye with us on how to take X1FX to that next level. We are blessed to have them both as part of our sales force.�

Adds X1FX Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Larranaga, “Having worked at many visual effect companies over the years, I know how important it is to have a solid rep hitting the pavement for you, to find that one creative spot that will gain notoriety and lift the company to future success. Lauren and Yvette are the solid reps that we have long been in need of.�


Co-founded in 2003 by Mark Larranaga, Visual Effects Supervisor, and Edy Enriquez, Executive Producer, X1FX is a leading visual effects design and production company specializing in providing unique and compelling FX to feature films, TV commercials, and music videos. The company is located in a 5,000 square foot facility in Culver City, CA.

Since its founding, X1FX has contributed FX to such hit films as “The Incredible Hulk,� “Hancock,� “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe,� and its sequel, “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian� and “Spiderman 3,� among many more. The company’s music video projects have included those featuring such superstars as Kanye West (“Flashing Lights,�) Velvet Revolver, Erykah Badu (“Honey,�) Emin, KLG, and the “Kung Fu Fighting� music video promoting the DreamWorks film “Kung Fu Panda.� TV commercials to which X1FX has contributed include those for Lexus, Del Taco, XM Radio, NASCAR, Burger King, and the NFL.

X1FX is located at 5870 West Jefferson Blvd., Unit # D, Culver City, CA, 90016. The phone is 310/836-9011, and the web address is: