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Wipster Launches New Cloud-Based Collaboration Platform For Media Teams

Wipster Creates Simple, Elegant Media Review and Approval Experience for Content Creators, Filmmakers, In-House Video Teams

Wipster ( today announced it has successfully completed an extensive beta program and is formally launching its new cloud-based, collaborative video review and approval platform. Created by filmmaker Rollo Wenlock and a team of creative media tech experts, Wipster is a beautifully designed, intuitive digital media review and approval platform designed for content creators, filmmakers, in-house corporate media teams, or anyone creating short-form video projects. Wipster helps bring together creative media teams, their colleagues and clients from wherever they may be to collaborate on digital media projects; simply, elegantly and quickly.

Check out a preview video of Wipster here:

Wipster combines a breadth of collaborative features with powerful video review features, such as the ability to create content rich emails and share secure folders with anyone with a simple invite. Wipster also offers frame accurate video playback, contextual commenting and version stacking – all in a simple interface that eliminates the tedium of connecting regionally disparate creative teams. Plus, Wipster allows users to deliver unlimited videos in their original formats – ideal for any post production workflow. The team at Wipster has invested significant time and resources to ensure the user experience is as simple, elegant and fun as possible.

Wipster is available as a cloud-based, subscription service with options to meet any teams’ collaboration requirements. Wipster also provides users with a “Free Forever” plan that gives teams access to core Wipster features, and 15 minutes of video uploads per month.

“Video is clearly exploding across the Internet – across every industry and every genre. And as a result, a whole new generation of content creator is emerging. At Wipster, we have an amazing team of people who love creating great video, no matter the medium – corporate, commercials, short films, webisodes, you name it,” said Rollo Wenlock, CEO and founder of Wipster. “The problem is, while we all love creating our art, we honestly hate the process of getting it approved and delivered. Let’s face it, it’s painful. But it doesn’t have to be – that’s why we created Wipster.”

Wipster is designed to meet the needs of content creators at the individual freelance level, and easily scales to satisfy the needs of boutique post production studios, larger facilities and large corporate enterprise networks.

Wipster Features: Review and Approval Can be Painful, But it Doesn’t Have to Be

Wipster acts as a singular, simple and powerful review and approval platform for content creators, combining features including:

  • Contextual Commenting – Comment and reply to feedback directly on the video;
  • To-Do List – No more copy and pasting from emails, generate and share to-do lists directly from Wipster;
  • Version Stacking – Never lose track of what happened when with easy, unlimited access to every version of your video;
  • Import from Dropbox – Easily get feedback on your videos from your Dropbox folder;
  • Frame Accurate Video Playback – Let your reviewers be specific and point to the right frame;
  • Creating Teams – Create teams and invite people to work together as a team on the same account, no matter where they are;
  • Shared Folders – Easily share an entire folder of videos with anyone;
  • Security – We use the same encryption (256 SSL) as banks, so you know your content is safe and secure;
  • Content Rich Emails – Receive at-a-glance frame and comment activity notifications via email, sent directly from within Wipster;
  • Nudge – If you’re not hearing back from the team in a timely way, gently remind people to review your video when you’re waiting for them;
  • Unlimited Sharing – share your video with as many people as you want, wherever they are, no matter if they have an account;
  • Unlimited Archive – All your videos stored in one place, no limits;
  • Branded Presentation – And when you’re all done, create beautiful, tailored, branded presentations for clients.

To learn more about everything else Wipster can do for the review and approval workflow, please visit 

Pricing and Availability

Wipster is available immediately and user accounts can be activated simply by visiting 

Wipster offers a ‘free forever’ account with access to many of the core features that make Wipster the best collaboration platform available. For premium features, Wipster is available on a monthly subscription model, with pricing starting at $25.00 USD for a single user account, $50.00 USD for teams, and $100.00 USD for a pro company account. Enterprise level pricing is available upon request.

About Wipster

Wipster was created by filmmakers, creative media artists and a bunch of people who love technology, but hate tedium, process and drudgery. And that’s why they created Wipster; a beautiful, intuitive digital media review and approval platform designed for content creators, media teams, and anyone creating short-form video projects. Wipster helps bring together teams from wherever they may be to collaborate on digital media projects; simply, elegantly and quickly.

The review process is a painful one, but it doesn’t have to be. Wipster helps get you back to doing what you love.

For more information, or to sign up for Wipster, please visit