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Weekend Box Office Winners 10,000 BC and College Road Trip Keep Color Consistent with 3cP

Los Angeles, California – 11 March, 2008 – Gamma & Density, developer of the 3cP on-set color correction system for cinematographers, announced that this weekend’s box office winners, 10,000 BC and College Road Trip, both used the 3cP (Cinematographer’s Color Correction Process) system to keep color consistent across production and post-production.

3cP is a hardware-and-software color correction and calibration system designed for cinematographers to use on set and at the end of the shooting day. It enables them to precisely preview and communicate color decisions to colorists and others in the post-production process, whether they’re producing dailies, doing pre-post, matching special effects or performing the final color grade for the Digital Intermediate (DI). The system supports the American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List (ASC CDL) standard for the cross-platform exchange of primary RGB and saturation color correction data.

Ueli Steiger, ASC, cinematographer on Roland Emmerich’s prehistoric epic 10,000 BC used 3cP primarily to communicate with the telecine colorists who were working on the film’s HD dailies. He noted, “There are so many variables with HD dailies – the projector, transfer, telecine process – and they all can go wrong! With 3cP I could establish a color direction for the dailies and pass it to the telecine operator. It was repeatable. If I had a photo of a shot in the system it was absolutely possible to reproduce it on the other side of the world in telecine because they had all of the same parameters which 3cP has.� Steiger also used the calibrated 3cP shots as references to guide the final DI grading sessions at MPC in London.

Theo van de Sande, ASC, was the cinematographer on Walt Disney Pictures’ father/daughter comedy College Road Trip. He also employed 3cP on the film to establish color direction and consistency in the dailies process. Mr. van de Sande has used the 3cP system on the ABC TV series October Road and the feature film Yours, Mine and Ours, as well. He noted, “3cP can be used as a complete visual guide — from dailies, telecine and visual effects, through the entire editing period and DI sessions. The software is very simple and results represent the original intentions of the cinematographer.â€?

Cinematographer Yuri Neyman (Liquid Sky, D.O.A) is president of Gamma & Density and one of the developers of 3cP. He noted, “Concerns around color in the digital production realm affect DPs, camera specialists, colorists, editors, VFX artists, and post supervisors alike. We all face challenges in dealing with film, HD, SD, 2k and 4k media, different formats, and combinations of analog and digital image origination and processes. 3cP can help by making sure the look of a scene stays true to vision every step of the way.�

About Gamma & Density
Gamma & Density Co. develops tools that enable cinematographers to maintain artistic and technical control over their images during the film and digital transfer processes. The Los Angeles-based company’s Thorough Control System (TCS) helps cinematographers arrive at their desired look during a film-to-tape transfer session by relying on a patented color chart that functions as a common language between DP’s, DIT’s and telecine colorists. The innovative 3cP on-set color correction system for cinematographers calibrates monitors and transfers images quickly and without losses between different digital color imaging systems used in film, television, HD, and Digital Cinematography. The 3cP system has been used, or is currently being used, on films including 10,000 BC, Babel, Iron Man, The Kite Runner, Quantum of Solace, State of Play, and TV shows including The Tudors, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Low Life, and many other projects. For more information visit