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Vizrt To Demo Media Asset Management & Near-Line Storage Solution With DataDirect Networks

DataDirect Networks S2A Storage Systems Combine with Vizrt’s Ardendo Systems to Deliver Scalable, Real-time Storage for Asset Management and Archiving

Chatsworth, CA/Bergen, Norway – October 29, 2007 – DataDirect Networks, a leading provider of scalable storage systems for performance and capacity-driven applications, has teamed with Vizrt to demonstrate their combined solution for real-time media asset management (MAM) and near-line storage for broadcast and digital archiving.

Common to both solutions is DataDirect Networks S2AÔ (Silicon Storage Architecture), which features a powerful real-time engine that delivers sustained, concurrent streams at any bit rate during media ingest, editing, playout and browsing. Additionally, immediate access to data is enabled through a centralized content pool via all host ports. This provides for seamless performance and consistent Quality of Service, avoiding video frame loss even when disk drives fail or during drive rebuilds.

The combined solution was on display for the first time at the Vizrt booth at the IBC convention held in Amsterdam, Netherlands last month.

Data protection and instant accessibility are top priorities for media content providers. DataDirect Networks addresses both with its hardware-based dual parity DirectRAIDÔ engine and SATAssureTM technology. DirectRAID enables extremely high media streaming rates that can be maintained even during check, error, or failure conditions, while SATAssure performs real-time parity checks on both reads and writes to eliminate silent data corruption in SATA drives, thus making massive cost-effective disk-based archives feasible. The S2A storage system supports nearly 1,000 disk drives, equaling close to a Petabyte of capacity using 1TB drives.

Vizrt Ardendo’s ingest, media management and archive solutions include: ARDOME for media management and archiving; the DART ingest scheduler; the ARDCAP ingest station and play-out control; the ARDENC transcoder and EasyCut desktop editing solution. Ardendo’s media asset management solutions leverage DataDirect Networks’ S2A high availability and performance by allowing virtually unlimited edit suites to search, access and edit clips directly from the central storage. The combined Vizrt/DataDirect Networks media asset management suite manages a multitude of transfers in real-time, while maintaining firm control over security and access rights.

“As corporate commerce, service agencies, media companies and production houses evolve their business practices to leverage the explosion of digital media, media asset management has evolved from sheer storage to a core component of the media production, management and distribution chain,� said Jonas Engstöm, Executive VP Product Management, Vizrt. “The evolution of media asset management has created a significant business opportunity for companies like Vizrt and DataDirect Networks. Evolving business dynamics will require companies to effectively manage and leverage rich-media assets into new revenue opportunities.�

Paul Bloch, President of DataDirect Networks, continued, “The MAM and Near-line storage demonstrations prove that we’ve removed the complexity and workflow deficiencies associated with bulky proprietary systems. The joint demonstration offers users increased productivity and simplified maintenance for fast ROI and a significant reduction in initial lifecycle costs.�

About Vizrt:

Vizrt offers a new vision for content creation and delivery with an end-to-end solution from ingest to visualization. It combines Vizrt’s true 2D/3D graphics tools, content management and newsroom integration, 3D tickers, virtual studio, 3D weather application with data integration, Curious Software map creation tools, virtual sports analysis, information display and virtual effects with Ardendo’s asset management. Running on non-proprietary software, the combination of these unique cutting-edge products ensures a seamless workflow from conception to multi-format distribution.

Vizrt has developed their media asset management system as a complement to its existing product portfolio. Since acquiring Ardendo in April 2006 the combination of Vizrt and Ardendo software has enabled Vizrt to deliver solutions for broadcasters on the move to IT-based production and archiving. Vizrt’s Ardendo is continually focusing on offering complete Media Asset Management solutions for the Broadcast Industry, including an exciting range of solutions for digital archiving, ingest, media asset management, transcoding and browse editing.

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About DataDirect Networks:

DataDirect Networks is a leading provider of scalable storage systems for performance and capacity driven applications. DataDirect Networks’ S2A (Silicon Storage Architecture) appliance enables modern applications such as video streaming, content delivery, modeling and simulation, backup and archiving, cluster and supercomputing, and real-time collaborative workflows that are driving the explosive demand for storage performance and capacity. DataDirect’s S2A technology and solutions solve today’s most challenging storage requirements, including providing shared, high-speed access to a common pool of data, minimizing data center footprints and storage costs for massive archives, reducing simulation computational times, and capturing and serving massive amounts of digital content. For more information please visit


* S2A, DirectRAID, and SATAssure are the trademarks or registered trademarks of DataDirect Networks, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.”