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Trailer Park’s Advanced Content Group “Now Open for Business For 3D on BD;” Company Collaborates with Panasonic Hollywood Labs

Hollywood, CA, January 5, 2010 – Trailer Park’s recently formed Advanced Content Group is now “Open for Business� in the 3D on Blu-ray space. Rick Eiserman, CEO, Trailer Park, made the announcement.

Curt Doty, Executive Vice President of Trailer Park’s Advanced Content Group (TPAC), and his team have been collaborating with Panasonic Hollywood Labs in developing production guidelines for the 3D Blu-ray spec, which was recently released by The Blu-ray Disc Association.

TPAC now has the ability to develop 3D interactive menus, immersive environment walkthroughs, bonus features, and games for Blu-ray in anaglyph or stereoscopic models. This includes 3D modeling in Maya and rendering full motion 3D video in Maya or After Effects. To aid in the process of 3D visualization, TPAC also has the 3D pre-viz tools required to help expedite the design and development process. Additionally, TPAC members have the ability to leverage what had been learned during the creation and production of 3D trailers by the company’s Theatrical Group.

Jeannine Patton, Vice President & General Manager of Panasonic Hollywood Labs’ Advanced Authoring Center, said, “3D Blu-ray creates an entirely new space for the creative community to play in, so we knew early on that it would be important for us to align ourselves with an established entertainment company like Trailer Park. We began conducting menu and graphics trials last summer, well in advance of the 3D Blu-ray specification finalization which was just recently announced. The result of our collaboration with Trailer Park has been very beneficial in determining what works well, and what should be avoided, when designing menus for 3D Blu-ray.�

She adds, “As a result of this collaboration, we are now able to provide guidance and advice to our clients during the early planning stages of an upcoming Blu-ray title. This saves everyone a lot of time and effort in the pursuit of creative ideas that we now know just won’t work well in the 3D space, while maximizing the great potential of this new format. This knowledge is crucial in ensuring both a successful format launch and a positive consumer experience.�

Eiserman said, “Our goal at Trailer Park is to continue building relevant capabilities that reflect the changing entertainment environment. Our new Advanced Content Group stands on the bleeding-edge in its ability to anticipate and implement new forms of creative, enhancing new forms of technological delivery systems, as they are developed and introduced into the consumer marketplace. Our recent and successful collaboration with Panasonic attests to that ability.�

Adds Doty, “We believe that consumer interest in 3D on Blu-ray will become very huge, very quickly, once studios and consumers see the possibilities. We are excited to build and create 3D immersive experiences that will take dimensional navigation to the next level. With multiple studios releasing an increasing number of 3D films, the industry needs a destination and expertise to help them solve these very technical problems, while concurrently fully exploiting the capabilities of this emerging format. Trailer Park is that destination.�


Trailer Park’s Advanced Content Group provides to its clients enhanced content spanning many platforms, including 3D on Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, iTV, mobile apps, and iTunes Extras.

In addition to creating DVD and Blu-ray bonus content for new theatrical releases, including Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Hurt Locker, Knowing and Jennifer’s Body, the group also has produced extensive bonus material for classic TV series and specials for such studios as Fox, Warner Bros., and Disney. This work includes documentaries and commentaries complementing such home entertainment releases as Hannah Montana, Bones, The OC, My Name is Earl, Nip/Tuck, Gossip Girl, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Roots: 30th Anniversary, and Pushing Daisies.

Trailer Park regularly integrates the latest cutting-edge technology to enhance content for its clients’ projects, as evidenced by its interactive features for the Blu-ray premiere of Fight Club, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Season One, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


Trailer Park, based in Hollywood, CA, is the entertainment industry’s leading entertainment marketing agency – a highly creative, collaborative agency spanning AV, Digital, Print/Design, and Advanced Content. The agency’s clients span theatrical, home entertainment, television, videogames, consumer products, and live events. For more information about Trailer Park, please visit