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Stereoscopic 3D Training Program in Los Angeles

The 3D Film Factory is now offering professional, stereoscopic 3D training courses in Hollywood, California, designed to teach cinematographers and filmmakers how to shoot exceptional 3D.

Hollywood, CA – 3D Film Factory

, the leading manufacturer of professional, affordable 3D camera systems, is now offering hands-on, comprehensive programs aimed at educating and training stereographers, cinematographers and production professionals in 3D filmmaking. For years the company’s team of in-house, veteran stereographers have been on the forefront of 3D production, shooting 3D projects and training select clients worldwide. Now with the industry on the rise, they’re making their expertise, experience and 3D secrets available to those who are eager to learn.

“Most of our stereographers have spent the last few years filming, producing and teaching 3D to a wide host of clients worldwide“, said company president Karl Kozak. “This is the next step, creating an affordable, intensive, hands-on 3D training program for veteran cinematographers and first-time filmmakers alike. This is the ’how to’ for anyone hungry to learn the secrets of 3D filmmaking, the right way.�

This intensive 2-day introductory course covers the following topics; 3D pre-production & prep, choosing the right gear & support, camera & 3D rig calibration, genlock issues, creating balanced 3D images, 3D filming guidelines, adjusting intraocular & convergence, shooting ratios, professional 3D vs. amateur 3D, filming with beam-splitter rigs & side-by-side rigs, real-time 3D monitoring techniques, lighting for 3D, post production methods & short-cuts, 3D exhibition formats and much more.

“The goal here is to demystify the whole 3D process and simplify 3D filmmaking, starting with the fundamentals through more advanced techniques“, said the company’s lead stereographer Keith Driver. “We’re teaching 3D from inception, through production, post and even exhibition. You’re going to learn what’s taken us years of 3D production to gleam – how to create balanced, brilliant 3D images, that maintain viewer comfort and serve the story.â€?

This is not merely a seminar or lecture. Participants will spend 2 full days of hands-on shooting and editing in 3D under the direction of a highly-trained, veteran stereographer. The program is designed to accommodate both the complete novice, to those professionals with previous 3D filmmaking experience looking to learn more or fine tune their existing skills. Teaching stereographers understand that some participants may have pending 3D projects, therefore they welcome all questions, individual concerns and unique situations. Furthermore, participants should keep in mind that 3D filmmaking is not an exact science, but rather an evolutionary process, with fluid rules and varying outcomes. Complete 3D camera rigs, real-time monitors, and editing equipment will be provided by the company on site.

The first such training session will be held July 10 & 11th, 2010, in Hollywood, California.

For complete program information, locations, pricing, availability and registration please email

About the 3D Film Factory

Based in sunny San Diego, California, the 3D Film Factory is a 3D equipment manufacturer AND a full-service 3D production house. More specifically, the company specializes in the design and marketing of production-ready, affordable stereoscopic 3D camera systems and real-time 3D viewing systems, as well as, a wide variety of 3D production services for clients, from ‘stereographers for hire’, to hands-on 3D training, to complete 3D productions through post and exhibition.

To learn more about the 3D Film Factory’s production services, training, or stereoscopic 3D camera rigs visit

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