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SIGGRAPH selects ShapeShifter to show in Vancouver and Hong Kong

Charlex is proud to announce that its ground-breaking


CG film has shown at SIGGRAPH Vancouver and is scheduled to screen at SIGGRAPH Asia in Hong Kong. In August, Vancouver welcomed 15,872 artists, research scientists, gaming experts and developers, filmmakers, students, and academics from 74 countries around the globe making SIGGRAPH 2011 Vancouver’s largest conference ever.


, which is the brainchild of Charlex Founder and Director Alex Weil, is set to play in the Commercials, Games, and Music Videos reels in Hong Kong this December.

The Gabriel Byrne-narrated masterpiece follows the journey of a dark car that speeds into a new dimension, where it disintegrates into countless tiny bits that transform into the plants, animals, and objects of this mysterious world. The Charlex team developed


from conception to final picture, working around the clock to make this dream world come to life.


is just the latest attention-grabber to emerge from Charlex. Their first CG short film,

One Rat Short

, received worldwide attention when it debuted in 2006 and was awarded Best of Show at the 2006 SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival.

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About Charlex

Charlex is a full-service creative studio based in New York City. We specialize in visual effects, animation, design and live-action. We’ve thrown fancy mission statements out the window and simply embrace versatility. Our motto is design and build. We can take any seed of an idea and bring it to life.

Making great work is the product of forging great relationships. Our team prides itself on fast, efficient work at the highest level of excellence. Our reputation is founded on a commitment to creating compelling imagery, regardless of the assignment. We are experts at building a seamless experience from concept to completion, from client brief to end result.

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