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SGO announces availability of its Mistika VR to enable advanced real-time stitching

Affordable solution is available on a pay-per-use basis

SGO today announces the availability of its highly anticipated VR focused solution, Mistika VR. Available immediately, the software-based solution has been developed using award-winning Mistika technology and offers users the most advanced real-time stitching capabilities combined with an all new intuitive interface and raw format support with incredible speed.  

Using Mistika Optical Flow Technology, the new VR solution takes camera position information and sequences then stitches the images together using extensive and intelligent pre-sets. Its unique stitching algorithms take away the many challenges facing post-production teams to allow for the highest image quality.

Not only has the application been developed to encompass and work with as many existing VR camera formats as possible, but SGO is investing in the growth of the product by creating custom pre-sets for productions where teams are building the rigs themselves.

Introduced at this year’s NAB in Las Vegas, the Mistika VR solution is part of SGO’s new natively integrated workflow concept. SGO has been dissecting its current turnkey offering ‘Mistika Ultima’ to develop advanced workflow applications aimed at specific tasks.    

“Mistika VR is the first product to be made fully available as part SGO’s revolutionary new native workflow concept,” comments Geoff Mills, Managing Director. “SGO is making the advanced capabilities of our hero suite Mistika Ultima available on an affordable monthly or annual subscription. We believe that breaking down specific workflows solutions will enable the industry to adopt a much more flexible workflow and one that can be adapted to the project users are working on.”

Mistika VR users commented:

“So I just stitched a previous pretty unstitchable moving 7 cam GoPro shot, that I must have spent hours and hours previously trying to get as good as possible. Results are very good. Really impressed. Thanks for all the tutorials and webinars.” – Mike Jones, Mistika VR Beta user

“Over 25000 frames of 6K output Prores 444 out via 5 instances of Mistika opened separately in just an hour with fully loaded dual Xeon workstation. 6.9 FPS, almost as fast as non-optical-flow stitch AVP. Bravo!” – Maxim Drygin, Mistika VR Beta user

“Roman Bichillo (SGO)is a very kind type of sorcerer, and he helped me with a preset for my rig, using the new beta release, and behold the results! Wow…” – Greg Newland, Mistika VR

Mistika VR runs on Mac, and Windows and is available as a personal or professional (with SGO customer support) edition license. Costs for licenses are:

30-day license (with no automatic renewals):

Evaluation Version: FREE

Personal Edition: €70.00 ($78.00)

Professional Edition: €99.00 ($110.00)

Monthly Subscription:

Personal Edition: €49.00 ($55.00) per month

Professional Edition: €69.00 ($78.00) per month

Annual Subscription:

Personal Edition: €499.00 ($556.00) per year

Professional Edition: €699.00 ($779.00) per year

For further information and purchase click here:

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