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Santa Monica, CA and New York, NY — (July 8, 2008) – Award-winning colorist Matt Turner, one of the undisputed stars of London’s post-production community, has re-located to the U.S. and joined Company 3 in Los Angeles. Invited to the talent-driven halls of Company 3 by Co-Founder/Colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld, Turner joins the Company 3 talent roster this week.

“Matt Turner brings a whole different aesthetic to the U.S. market with his experience and diversified work,” says Sonnenfeld. “I’m really excited to have a European colorist of his caliber working with us. Matt’s reel is one of the best I’ve seen.”

Turner joins Company 3 after a five-year stint with Framestore-CFC, Europe’s largest post-production facility, where he built a formidable reputation for himself. He started out in London at Dean Street Post (DSP) in the early nineties as a runner. There he “stumbled” across telecine and immediately realized it was his true calling. After two years at DSP, Matt joined The Mill where the passion for what he considers to be a “creative art form” took root. During his tenure there, he worked his way up to Senior Colorist and collaborated with some of Europe’s best Directors.

Recent commercial credits for Turner include high-profile, international commercials for clients such as, Guinness, Nissan, and Phillips. He has collaborated closely over the years with Directors Daniel Kleinman, Ringan Ledwidge, Frederick Bond, Tom Carty, Frank Budgen, Daniel Barber, Patrik Bergh, David Lodge and Cris Mudge. Awards garnered by Turner’s work include The Grand Prix at Cannes, BTAA Gold’s, D&AD Gold’s and Clio Gold’s.

The move to the U.S., and to Los Angeles and Company 3 in particular, is the natural next step for Turner to take as he continues to pursue the newest challenge. “I am thrilled to join Company 3, especially as it is run by Stefan who is both a colorist and a business man,” stated Turner. “He really understands the creative demands and the business realities. That is as good as it gets.”

Company 3 revolutionized the post-production industry a decade ago when it took the art and craft of color correction into a boutique environment. Today, focused on high-quality creative results, Company 3 is synonymous with many of the award-winning commercials, music videos, and feature films seen today. Currently Company 3 is translating its fine-tuned expertise in feature film DI (digital intermediate) to commercials and advertising.

In addition to Sonnenfeld, Company 3’s incredible talent roster includes Sean Coleman, Billy Gabor, Dave Hussey, Tim Masick, Victor Mulholland, Stephen Nakamura, Mike Pethel, Tom Poole and Rob Sciarratta. Recent commercial projects are campaigns for: Apple, Nike, BMW, Travelers Insurance, and Heineken. Recent feature film credits include: “Transformers,” “Pirates of the Caribbean 3,” “300,” “Dreamgirls,” and “Rush Hour 3.”