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RED ROCKET: Jim Jannard and Lucas Wilson Present Rocket Science at IBC 09

September 8, 2009, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, IBC 09 – Following on the heels of recent, significant product updates in SCRATCH 4.4, ASSIMILATE™ (stands 7.J09, 7.K01) will preview its newly upgraded SCRATCH® 5.0 to give filmmakers and post-production facilities the most advanced and cost-effective digital workflows for 4K, 3D, HD/SD, film, and other formats. Also at IBC 09, ASSIMILATE announces the first industry support for the RED Digital Cinema’s RED ROCKET. Additionally, ASSIMILATE is launching its first worldwide SCRATCH User Group in Amsterdam on September 12.

Demos of the SCRATCH 3D Workflow will run on a Globalstor ExtremeStor-4K workstation that incorporates an NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 5800 SDI by PNY graphics card and will include partner tools from 3ality 3Play Pro and the new Bluefish 444 Epoch multi-channel 2K/HD/SD SDI PCIE uncompressed video card. Film highlights will include My Bloody Valentine (trailer), Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D (trailer), Running with Bulls D4D (RED), and Archangel (RED).

As RED’s first partner for a 4K post workflow, ASSIMILATE set the post-production standard with SCRATCH for the needed real-time 4K post workflows – simplified ingest of native REDCODE files, streamlined end-to-end workflow, conform, color grading, finishing and mastering.

Now See Rocket Science: RED’s Jim Jannard and ASSIMILATE’s Lucas Wilson will present the latest in red hot, high-rez imagery at the first showing of RED ROCKET in action — uncompressed and uncompromising with SCRATCH. The live demo is at The RAI Auditorium, September 12, 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.

Technology Partners at IBC 09
See SCRATCH demos at partner stands throughout IBC 09: Lasergraphics (stand 7.F01), Rorke Data (stand 8.A39), Facilis (stand 3.B03), Editshare (stand 7.D22), Tiger Technology (stand 7.G05), Tangent Devices (stand 7.B11), and projectiondesign (stand 2.C18). RED Digital Cinema and Bluefish 444 are also sharing the ASSIMILATE (7.J09, 7.K01).

Launch of SCRATCH User Group at IBC 09
At IBC 09, ASSIMILATE’s global customers are gathering for the first SCRATCH User Group to learn the latest digital cinema techniques, as well as the company’s vision for continued empowerment of filmmakers and post professionals with high-performance, cost-effective DI tools. The event is September 12, 7:00 p.m., at Debalie (

), Kleine – Gartmanplantsoen 10 1017 RR Amsterdam. Registration required:

“SCRATCH is helping the broad range of filmmakers and post studios worldwide break new cinematic ground with a powerful, real-time, and highly efficient DI tool and workflow. This venue gives our broad base of global users an opportunity to share information and ideas, and have a good time doing so,� says Jeff Edson, CEO at ASSIMILATE.

The Latest SCRATCH Features
Recent SCRATCH updates include advanced color control; an extended output tree that can branch multiple outputs in different resolutions and formats; and extensive support for the RED Digital Cinema’s latest color science (Build 20), which significantly improves image quality, reduces noise, and evolves color fidelity and reproduction.

Edson states, “True to our initial vision for SCRATCH, we continue to make significant feature upgrades and enhancements based on the feedback we get from our customers — filmmakers, post facilities, agencies, producers, and of course indies. We’re also committed to staying at the forefront of digital cinema technologies, such as RED and 3D, so that all users have access to the latest techniques for creating high-impact imagery. This is gratifying for our users and for us because we work as partners in creating a first-class DI tool set that simplifies and streamlines the post workflow, and that’s highly cost-effective at the same time. A win-win doesn’t get much better than this.â€?

What Customers Are Saying
Leandro Marini, co-founder and DI producer at Local Hero Post, notes, “SCRATCH is the dream tool. It gives us a first-class color grading tool, makes working in RED 4K easy, and is the backbone of our post-production workflow. We had used many of the traditional big-iron post tools, but we were ready to expand our business and needed a toolset that supported the latest digital cinema technologies, yet was affordable for our expansion. SCRATCH really lit the fire for us — it came at the right time, and at the right price. We truly would not be where we are today – in a new 10,000 square foot studio – without SCRATCH.â€?

Trivision Studio (Jakarta) founder and Visual Effects Director, Rivai Chen explains, “Our work covers a broad mix of projects, from commercials and music videos to full feature films, so we wanted a DI system that could support multiple formats, including the native RED 4K files. SCRATCH is the ideal fit for our studio — a turn-key DI system, with superior color grading, and a streamlined data workflow.â€?

IKA Collective (NYC) founder Ian Karr states, “When the RED ONE camera was first launched, we immediately realized the high quality and value of working in 4K. However, the workflow was complicated and frustrating. We shopped around for solutions to streamline the process and SCRATCH emerged as the clear winner. We opened the doors to our new SCRATCH Digital Grading and Finishing Suite in January of this year. With high-rez tools, like the RED 4K camera and SCRATCH, we can achieve results that rival 35mm film without compromise. Our clients demand and deserve the highest quality creative experience. SCRATCH helps us deliver on that…and in real time.�

Price and Availability
Contact ASSIMILATE or a local reseller for a demo and pricing. Whether an imaging project is RED ONE 4K, stereoscopic 3D, film, HD/SD, or 2k/4k digital film SCRATCH enables your workflow of choice. SCRATCH includes a robust core feature set that includes real-time data management, review/playback, assemble/edit, conform, primary and secondary color grading, multi-layer grading stack, audio, visual effects (enhanced by third-party plug-ins), support for 1D, 3D and customer-developed look-up-tables (LUTs), finishing, and final mastering to any format.