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POP Sound’s Mitch Dorf Completes Final Mix For New Campaign

Santa Monica, CA – (March 11, 2008) – POP Sound Mixer Mitch Dorf was called on by the ad agency creatives at Wieden & Kennedy to complete the final mix for two spots for, which debuted during the Super Bowl 2008. Directed by Suthon Petchsuwan, “Queen of Hearts� and “Firefly� began airing on February 3, and will continue to air nationwide.

To view the new commercials, go to: puts a literal twist on the “Follow Your Heart� mantra, inspiring all the disheartened souls to find the right career. The spot entitled “Queen of Hearts� opens with a despondent women listlessly staring at the computer monitor in her dim-lit office. She looks over at her boss, legs propped on the desk, devouring a plate of food. Suddenly, her heart pops out of her chest, landing on the keyboard. Without missing a beat, the heart rolls off the keyboard, jumps onto the floor, and marches toward the slothful boss’ office. It climbs its way up to the desktop, and expresses resolve with the kick of a paper clip. The heart raises a sign that reads, “I Quit.� The proud heart exits down the hall as the mantra reads, “Follow Your Heart.�

“Firefly� features an unhappy employee, as he sits in front of an idle computer. Discouraged, he utters: “I wish I loved my job.� Suddenly, a firefly swoops onto the windowsill and asks: “Did somebody say wish?� The man and the firefly break into song, “calling on the stars� to grant his career wish. The song reaches a crescendo. Suddenly, the star falls out of the sky like a rock and the music stops. Reality sinks in as the man peers back at the waning firefly, whose light pouch becomes a mere flicker before completely fading away. The spot ends with this tagline: “Wishing Won’t Get You Another Job.�

Spot Titles: “Queen of Hearts,� “Firefly�
Airdate: February 2008

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy/Portland
Creative Directors: Monica Taylor, Mark Fitzloff
Art Director/Copywriter: Nik Daum
Coywriters: Jason Bagley, Sheena Brady
Producer: Jeff Selis

Production Company: TWC/Santa Monica, CA
Directors: Suthon Petchsuwan
Managing Director: Mark Thomas
Executive Producers: Steve Ross, Jeff Snyder
Producer: Rob Newman

Editorial Company: Beast
Editor: Paul Norling
Producer: Rebecca Beluk

VFX Company: The Mill/New York “Queen of Heart�
VFX Supervisor: Yann Mabille
CG Producer: Camilia di Biagi
VFX Producer: Victoria Kendall

VFX Company: Ka Chew! “Firefly�
Animation Director: Elliot Bour
Executive Producer/Creative Director: John Andrews
Senior Producer: Michaela Zerbib
CG Supervisor: Matt Rosenfeld
FX/Composting: Paul Yacano

Music Company: SVS Productions
Composer: Scott V. Smith

Audio Post Company: POP Sound
Mixer: Mitch Dorf
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan

About POP Sound:
Elegant without being stuffy, POP Sound provides impeccable levels of service, combined with state of the art technology in a beach house chic environment. In a Mediterranean villa, 7 blocks from the Ocean, some of the best talents in the industry have been working since POP’s inception in 1994. For Commercials and Advertising, POP Sound features the talents of Mixers Mitch Dorf, Peter Rincon, Stephen Dickson, Zac Fisher and Tim West. This award-winning team of Mixers has recently completed commercial projects for such clients as Nike, Coke, Mastercard, Michelin, Mini, Bud.TV, GM, HP, Netflix, Xnergy, Xbox and Ford.