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Reinforcing its leadership in providing post-production facilities with both reliable and cutting edge technologies for all post-production needs, Fairlight today announced that TreeFall Productions in Charlotte, NC selected a new, two bay Constellation-XT as the primary engine for its thriving long form post-production needs.

TreeFall Productions specializes in Foley, sound design and mix for long form video and film, especially animation, network programs and corporate projects. According to TreeFall owner Jason Ouzts, the facility had been looking for a platform that would deliver productivity and reliability and the Constellation-XT delivered on both counts.

“I had been a Fairlight operator before and always felt I could depend on Fairlight,” said Ouzts. “With the introduction of the CC-1 technology for the Constellation-XT and the ability to have that ‘Fairlight speed and dependability, I knew I had to make the move.”

“Also, with the Constellation-XT,” said Ouzts. “I quickly learned how easily I can prepare a 5.1 surround mix and then just hit a button to tweak the stereo mix. It‘s such a big time saver which is critical for us.” This unique Fairlight bus reduction feature is indispensable for post-production shops that work under very tight deadlines.

TreeFall‘s Constellation-XT will be the first Fairlight system operating in the US powered by the new Crystal Core (CC-1) technology engine. Based on the latest Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) silicon technology, Crystal Core delivers quantum performance gains by shrinking hardware into a single purpose-built media processing chip. Crystal Core technology delivers improved quality, unparalleled flexibility, scalability, enlarged system scope, and previously unattainable price performance gains.

“The phenomenal impact that Crystal Core technology made at its launch at the AES Show in San Francisco is now being replicated and amplified in the worldwide professional audio market,” said John Lancken, Chief Executive Officer, Fairlight. “As more individuals are exposed to the raw power and performance of the technology, they realize that Crystal Core is the alternative media production platform the market has been waiting for!”