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The only plug-in package to near- automate the creation of multiple object transitions for use in broadcast promos, commercials, events, and reality TV

Boston MA – January 29, 2008 –

Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the postproduction and broadcast markets, today announced that partner Idustrial Revolution (

) has released a brand new Noise Industries FxPack titled “SupaWipe.â€? The new SupaWipe FxPack enables Apple Final Cut Studio 2 (FCS 2) and Final Cut Express 4 (FCE) editors to quickly create – without keyframing – complex, multi-object transition effects such as those seen in sporting events or reality TV replays/recaps, broadcast promos, live event videos such as weddings, and 30-second spots. “Because of the multiple layers and painstaking keyframing detail, these type of effects take an immense amount of time to build to achieve the right look. With the SupaWipe FxPack, Apple FCS and FCE Editors can produce the desired effect with stunning results in a few simple clicks. This is a tremendous time saver and an unbelievable value at the sub 100 USD price point,â€? comments Niclas Bahn, director of business development, Noise Industries.

About Noise Industries Partners and FxPacks

FxPacks are developed by Noise Industries and its partners using the Noise Industries FxFactory Pro plug-in manager. The FxFactory Pro plug-in manager provides visual effects artists, such as Peter Wiggins of Idustrial Revolution, a user-friendly development tool to create additional effects for the Apple Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express products. “SupaWipe was born after I spent a solid two weeks making a daily menu sequence that required a different object to wipe on 8 clips. Each effect required a key, fill, and an object layer all stacked up within layers in FCP,� said Peter Wiggins, founder and broadcast designer, Idustrial Revolution. “This was very cumbersome, time consuming, and the absolute perfect scenario for developing an FxPack transition plug-in to automate this painstaking effects workflow. Hence, SupaWipe FxPack was born.�

More About SupaWipe FxPack

SupaWipe FxPack is designed for the Apple FxPlug architecture and supports the full range of formats from DV to HD with near real-time render speeds.

SupaWipe transitions can be made different lengths, positioned in one of the three ways on media, rolled, cut, pasted and selected as a favorite. The wipe direction can be orientated over 360 degrees and the width or softness of the wipe adjusted.

SupaWipe controls also include independent and ganged control of two separate images that are superimposed over the wipe. Images can be scaled, rotated and positioned before or after the wipe, and repositioned perpendicular to the wipe. A fully adjustable drop shadow can also be added to the image composite to lift the images away from the background. Users can use the embedded graphics or can integrate their own graphics via image wells or the path chooser. SupaWipe automatically calculates offsets for graphics that start and finish off screen.

Users can build and store custom object transitions, share presets or use the HD compatible examples provided with the SupaWipe FxPack. The HD resolution images are royalty free and can be used for any production.

Pricing and Availability

SupaWipe FxPack is available today via the Idustrial Revolution SupaWipe web site (

) for an MSRP of $99.00 USD. Apple Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express users can test drive FxFactory FxPacks by downloading the 15-day trial version from


About Idustrial Revolution

Idustrial Revolution founder Peter Wiggins is a successful broadcast editor with more than 25 years of industry experience. His credits include work with the BBC, CBS, and CNN – covering everything from the Winter Olympics to working with Michael Jackson on a video for the World Music Awards. A well known power user of Final Cut Pro, Peter has designed a number of popular Noise Industries FxPacks based on his years of experience and passion to improve postproduction workflows for broadcast designers everywhere. Under his guidance, Idustrial Revolution has produced and released the highly successful Volumetrix plug-in for Apple Final Cut Studio as well as launched the Motion template store on


About Noise Industries, LLC

Established in 2004, Boston Massachusetts based Noise Industries is an innovative developer of visual effects tools for the postproduction and broadcast community. Their products are integrated with popular non-linear editing and compositing products from Apple and Avid. For more information about Noise Industries, please visit:


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Ryan Wood
(p) (617) 395-8107

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