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Make Red Pro Primes Your Prime Rental Choice

Hollywood, CA

The latest lenses offered from Red One Camera are the Red Pro Lenses and they are available for rent at Alan Gordon Enterprises. They come as a set of 5 primes: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 100mm. The lenses come in at a fast T1.8 and a similar front diamater of mm. The cost of the 5 lens set is $19,000. Incredibly inexpensive for a PL lens set. Of course, $19K is a lot of money for no-budget indies so why not try it before you buy it?

Many equipment sale houses are offering the Red Pro Primes for sale while few rental houses, if any, are renting them. Alan Gordon Enterprises is among the first on the block to rent the Red Pro Primes and we are providing competitive rates. Our rental day rate for the set of 5 primes is set at $300. We rent the primes as the set of 5 and not individually.

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Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc. (A-G-E) located in Hollywood, CA, has been in business for over 60 years and is the manufacturer of the Mark Vb Director’s Viewfinder, recipient of the Academy Award for Technical Achievement. A-G-E also offers repair services, equipment-training, manufactures an eclectic range of proprietary products and caters to everyone from the experienced professional to the beginning film student.