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LOOK Effects Completes Visual Effects for Final Season of “Lost”

Wraps 350 Shots on the Final Episode

HOLLYWOOD, CA, May 26, 2010 – LOOK Effects’ Hollywood facility has wrapped its last shot for the ground-breaking, pop-culture hit television series “Lost.� LOOK, which worked on all of season six of “Lost,� completed over 350 shots for the two-and-a-half-hour final episode that aired Sunday, May 23rd.

The Emmy-nominated LOOK produced all of the effects for this final season of “Lost.� Over the course of eight months, the artists at LOOK completed over 1000 shots for 18 episodes, including everything from green-screen composite shots to all CG, 3D sequences. LOOK provided the “Lost� producers full-service visual effects that included an on-set visual effects supervisor, creative and cost effective solutions for effects challenges, and an efficient and time-saving review process. This service continued through to LOOK providing edited effects sequences that were incorporated into the final episode, as well as into each episode throughout season six.

One of the most complex effects LOOK created for the last season of the series was the fully-animated ‘Smoke Monster.’ This was especially challenging because the character appeared in previous seasons. The producers allowed LOOK to expand upon the established ‘Smoke Monster’ and give it more depth and character.

“The collaboration with the “Lost� team was unprecedented,� states Adam Avitabile, visual effects supervisor at LOOK. “I’ve never had that level of interaction with the directors and producers of a project. We all really worked as a team. That was especially nice for me, ‘the new kid on the block,’ as I came onto the show after the rest of the team had been working together for five years.� He continues, “Everyone there was really appreciative of the work we did.�

“We worked very closely with the creators of the show,� adds Melinka Thompson-Godoy, LOOK’s visual effects producer. “Working directly with Carlton [Cuse] and Damon [Lindelof] was definitely a treat. It was wonderful to be able to give creative input and pick the brains of the showrunners and head writers. We also worked with the editing staff on a daily basis. Everyone was so passionately dedicated to the project.�

“We had a great experience with LOOK,� says series showrunner, head writer and executive producer, Carlton Cuse. “Under tremendous pressures of time and budget they helped us make many of the things on our crazy island feel a lot more believable. They were always pitching creative solutions and worked tirelessly to try and give us exactly what we wanted in each and every shot.�

In addition to creating the effects for the series, the “Lost� final episode became such a large media event that LOOK was also asked to create the effects, including the ‘Smoke Monster,’ for two 15-second Target commercials which aired during the final episode Sunday night.

For over a decade, LOOK Effects has been a leading provider of digital-effects solutions for feature film, episodic television and special venue projects. With studios in Los Angeles and New York, LOOK offers a knowledgeable and resourceful approach in partnering with their clients to supervise and produce visual effects. On both coasts LOOK offers ideas and options for digital effects design, on-set supervision, set-extension creation, 3D animation and complex compositing that dovetail smoothly into production schedules. This combined experience and expertise has earned LOOK a high level of trust and an impressive list of clients and credits. LOOK’s recently completed feature film credits include Avatar, Legion, Gamer, The Wrestler and The Spirit. Television credits include Bones, 24, CSI: NY, the Emmy-nominated effects for Life After People, and all of the effects for the final season of Lost. See more of LOOK Effects’ work at




Pam Hogarth