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Hollywood Center Studios Adds Two New Cyc Stages


Hollywood Center Studios

, one of the largest, independent production lots in Hollywood, has upgraded one of its principal stages, Stage 1, through the construction of a permanent, three-wall, hard cove, white cyc. The new cyc is one of the largest of its type in Hollywood and is ideal for complex visual effects shoots requiring large casts, sets or production equipment.

Hollywood Center Studios has also added a new special effects stage, Stage 2a, with a smaller, permanent green screen cyc. The lot now has six stages with permanent cycs.

“Our hard cyc stages are very popular shooting spaces due to their size, configurations and quality,” said Hollywood Center Studios vice president Tim Mahoney. “They are especially popular among our commercial clients as they can accommodate car shoots and other large productions. They also include amenities, such as wardrobe, dressing rooms and on-site parking, that productions need.”

The Stage 1 cyc measures 63-feet along the back wall, 38-feet and 49-feet along its two side walls, and 22-feet high. The stage itself encompasses more than 6500 square feet. The new Stage 2A covers more than 3000 square feet and its two-wall, green screen cyc measures 33-feet wide, by 35-feet long, by 19-feet high. Both cycs have seamless coves made from poured concrete.

Hollywood Center Studios has also completed construction of a new dressing room complex for television productions.

About Hollywood Center Studios

Hollywood Center Studios is among the largest independently owned and operated productions studios in Hollywood. The studio features 11 full-service sound stages (silent air, audience rated), a dedicated green screen stage, a virtual set stage, and a variety of related services to support productions of all type and scope. The studios’ stages are in use every day in the production of television shows, feature films and commercials by leading studios and production companies from Hollywood and around the world.
Founded in 1919, Hollywood Center Studios has been in continuous operation for more than 90 years and its history mirrors the development of the film and television industry itself. It has provided a home to scores of legendary filmmakers from Howard Hughes to Francis Ford Coppola, and hosted hundreds of memorable productions from such classics as I Love Lucy, Petticoat Junction and Mr. Ed to such current favorites as “Jessie” and

A.N.T. Farm

Hollywood Center Studios is located at 1040 N. Las Palmas Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90038. For more information, call (323) 860-0000 or visit