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Harris Debuts DMB 670 Transmitter For Digital Radio & Mobile TV At IBC2007

First All-Harris T-DMB Transmitter can Multiplex Digital Audio and Mobile TV Channels for Single-Stream Transmission to the Consumer‘s Handheld Device

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, September 6, 2007 – Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS), an international communications and information technology company, introduced its DMB 670 transmitter to international broadcasters at the IBC convention (RAI Exhibition Center, September 7-11, Stand #7.621). The DMB 670 transmitter is the company‘s first all-Harris Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) transmitter for broadcasters seeking to deliver both digital radio and Mobile TV programming over the same transmitter to mobile, handheld consumer devices.

The DMB 670 transmitter is designed for the Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcast (T-DMB) DAB standard, which supports the delivery of multiplexed digital audio and TV channels in its specifications. The transmitter will be on display in the Transmission area of the exhibit, where Harris radio and television representatives will be on hand to discuss how this and other Mobile TV transmitters work across different standards and spectrums. The DMB 670 can support all DAB variations.

“The T-DMB standard is the fastest growing international standard for mobile broadcasting, including more than 6 million users in South Korea just two years into its launch,” said Richard Redmond, director, strategic marketing, Harris Broadcast Communications. “More than 6 million South Koreans use a mobile device to view on-the-go broadcasting services, according to a recent report from the Ministry of Information and Communication in South Korea. While the ability to watch TV programs on the go is attractive, what has made T-DMB broadcasting popular is the mix of digital radio channels — the original vision of the DAB broadcasting standard — with the TV service. “

The DMB 670 transmitter is the first DAB transmitter born out of the traditional Harris design process. Retaining the exciter and control architecture of the Harris® Hirschmann series of DAB transmitters, the DMB 670 transmitter adds Harris-designed amplifiers and power supplies, plus improved cooling features. The result is a new transmitter design featuring a very compact footprint, lighter platform, greater modularity and the high level of performance associated with all Harris-engineered transmitters.

Like all Harris broadcast transmitters, the DMB 670 is terrestrial in nature, providing crisp, sharp audio and video over the air to the consumer device. According to the same Ministry of Information and Communications report, more than 83% of the South Korean consumers use the free terrestrial T-DMB service. The remaining users pay for a T-DMB satellite service.

The DMB 670 transmitter can interface with headend equipment to build a complete solution for the encoding, multiplexing and transmission of multiple digital audio and video channels. Harris recently announced an alliance with Factum Electronics of Sweden, which provides the required headend equipment for the compression and multiplexing of various digital audio, video and data services into a single transport stream en route to the transmitter. The Harris transmitters receive and modulate the signals in preparation for over-the-air transmission to mobile devices.

Harris Broadcast Communications also offers a comprehensive suite of mobile TV transmission and headend platforms for DVB-H and FLO™ standards through its Transmission business. The company has increased its visibility in DAB and DMB recently as part of its comprehensive portfolio of digital radio platforms, which also includes DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) and HD Radio™. Harris is the only company that supports all digital radio standards.

The company will also showcase some of these transmitters at IBC, including Mobile TV transmitters for the DVB-H and QUALCOMM® MediaFLO™ Technologies‘ FLO standards; and several radio transmitters, including a DAX™ AM transmitter featuring a DRM on-air upgrade kit with a content server and exciter to modulate the DRM on-air signal.

The DMB 670 is part of the transmission offerings in the Harris Broadcast Communications ONE initiative to deliver interoperable workflow solutions that span the entire broadcast delivery chain. The unique Harris approach brings together highly integrated and cost-effective products that are ideal for emerging media business models and for customers upgrading media operations to digital and high-definition services.

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