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Grass Valley Live Event Production Solutions Reprise ‘Best Supporting Technology’ Role for 84th Academy Awards Telecast on ABC

Grass Valley Kalypso Video Production Center onboard NEPs SS25 mobile unit
The ABC Television Network once again brought this year’s star-studded 84th Academy Awards® telecast into viewers homes live on Sunday, February 26, with high-definition live event production solutions from Grass Valley™—reprising its role as a key technology provider to live telecasts. In fact, Grass Valley has supported the Oscar® ceremonies every year for the past several years.

Another recurring character of the international event is production company NEP Broadcasting, based in Pittsburgh, Penn., and supplied a total of four HD-capable mobile production trucks on site, at the Hollywood and Highland Center in Los Angeles. Each was dedicated to a specific portion of the world famous telecast, and each carries on board different configurations of Grass Valley HD cameras, servers, routing equipment, and of course, Grass Valley production switchers, recognized as the ‘live production industry standard’. All of the equipment is capable of handling multiple HD formats, should the need arise, including ABC Network’s 720p HD format.

NEP’s “Denali Summit” handled the main Oscar telecast, using a Grass Valley Kalypso™ HD Video Production Center switcher, several K2 Summit™ media servers playing clips and graphics elements, and a large Trinix™ NXT router.

The NEP “SS25” truck helped capture the festivities of the “Oscars Red Carpet Live” show, which aired just prior to the awards telecast. The truck carries a Kalypso switcher and more than a dozen LDK 8000 Elite HD cameras.

The NEP “ND4” production rig covered the famous Red Carpet ceremonies with a Kalypso 4 M/E switcher that provided a live HD feed for other media outlets, both for television and for streaming online.

Finally, the company’s newest HD-capable mobile vehicle, “Arizona,” was also on hand to provide a live HD feed of the main show and related festivities for a wide variety of international broadcasters. Arizona is also equipped with a Kalypso HD switcher, Trinix HD router, and Apex audio router.

The renowned Academy Awards ceremony, the largest live entertainment event in the US, is hosted each year by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Disclaimer: Grass Valley is not an official sponsor of the 84th Academy Awards® ceremony, nor is it affiliated in any way with the Oscars®, the Academy Awards, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, or ABC Television Network. Information supplied in this media alert does not imply endorsement from the Academy Awards, the Oscars, or the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Academy Awards, Oscars, and ABC Network are each registered trademarks and service marks of their respective owners.