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Futuristic Films Teams Up With NFL Superstar Steven Jackson To Share “What He Believes In” For Rawlings

Sports equipment manufacturing company Rawlings asks NFL Superstar Steven Jackson to share what makes him who he is in a new spot created by Futuristic Films. Directed by Bill Timmer, the black-and-white commercial shares the passion the St. Louis Rams running back has for the things he loves. From the dreadlocks that give him unity to the helmet that allows him to engage in contact, Jackson only wears what he believes in… and that’s Rawlings.

To view the spot, please visit:

With editing done by Frank Pickell and postproduction by Futuristic Films, this cinematic spot brings to life the backbone of Jackson’s strength by showcasing the things he can rely on.

Other recent projects for Futuristic Films include innovative digital advertising projects for international retail brands 77kids from American Eagle Outfitters and Forever21, as well as a multi-platform campaign for skate brand Osiris.

Client: Rawlings
Title: “What I Believe In”

Production Company: Futuristic Films
Director/DP: Bill Timmer
Executive Producer: Brendan Kiernan
Production Manager: Karin Erickson
Production Coordinator: Monique Figueira
Writer: Ellie Anderson

Editorial Company: Futuristic Films
Editor: Frank Pickell

Postproduction Company: Futuristic Films

End Tag Graphics: Friends of Mine

Music/Sound Design/Audio Post: Dynamite Laser Beam

About Futuristic Films:

Futuristic Films creates motion pictures for brands, advertising, and entertainment. We tell compelling stories of all shapes and sizes, viewed on televisions, in theaters, and on computers and mobile devices.

The Futuristic team believes that the evolving nature of media consumption demands an equally evolving approach to film and video production. The company was founded on the principle of bringing together the high production value and intense creativity of commercial production with the storytelling craft and substance of documentary and feature film. Futuristic Films is committed to sustainable business practices, including striving to become a fully carbon-neutral enterprise. Futuristic has offices in Denver, Colorado, and in Venice, California – both centrally located for filmmaking on planet Earth.