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FS-4 revolutionizes onsite video production

Covering live events is not an easy task. First, there‘s the challenge of condensing hours, even days, into short, meaningful video clips. And that challenge can be compounded with the added time pressure of onsite video production — and the slimmest of deadlines. That‘s the reality for Jay Delp of JAY DELP PRODUCTIONS. Hopping from plane to plane, Delp covers approximately 15 multi-day conferences each year and produces onsite video highlights for show attendees.

“There‘s literally no tomorrow when it comes to onsite convention highlight production,” said Delp. “I‘m shooting, editing, producing, and duplicating video all on site. Time is really of the essence.”

Initially, Delp recorded to mini DV tape — resulting in real time capture for every hour of footage recorded throughout the days‘ events. “Having to spend time capturing video before I could begin editing was the main time crunch for me,” he explained.


“There was an instant connection when I realized that Direct To Edit technology was available and in my price range,” said Delp.

Delp invested in the FS-4 Pro portable DTE recorder from Focus Enhancements. With its 80 GB storage capacity, the FS-4 lets camera operators record DV and HDV streams directly to disk via FireWire. After shooting, Delp can connect the recorder to his computer like any standard FireWire hard disk drive and drag and drop files straight into his NLE‘s timeline — bypassing the time-consuming steps of capturing tape and converting footage. By eliminating these intermediate steps, footage is ready for editing almost as soon as it has been shot.

The FS-4 further improves Delp‘s workflow with its folder system. The FS-4 lets users pre-name 9 folders for scene marking and file organization. During a convention, Delp can record footage directly into pre-named folders, giving him neatly organized clips when it‘s time to edit.

Weighing only one pound, the FS-4 can be mounted to a camera or belt. “I really appreciate the flexibility of both the belt clip and camera mount,” explained Delp. “Using the belt mount helps reduce arm fatigue when shooting without a tripod for extended periods. Plus, I can still use my camera‘s hot shoe for lights or wireless microphones.”

Delp typically records in Canopus DV AVI format so footage is instantly ready for editing in EDIUS Pro 4.5, his NLE of choice. However, he appreciates the multitude of file formats supported on the FS-4. “In all honesty, if the FS-4 doesn‘t support your editing system, it‘s probably time to upgrade your system,” he said.


“Purchasing the FS-4 is one of the best investments I‘ve made,” concluded Delp. “When it comes to onsite video production, every hour counts. Having the ability to edit immediately after videotaping to produce on-site convention highlight videos is my “killer app” for the FS-4.” While Delp relies on the FS-4 as his primary editing source, he records to disk and tape simultaneously. “The FS-4 has proven reliable, but recording to both disk and tape gives me added confidence.”


The FS-4 eliminates capture time, helping Jay Delp meet the time-sensitive requirements of onsite video production.

“Purchasing the FS-4 is one of the best investments I‘ve made. “When it comes to onsite video production, every hour counts. Having the ability to edit immediately after videotaping to produce on-site convention highlight videos is my “killer app” for the FS-4.” – Jay Delp, JAY DELP PRODUCTIONS


JAY DELP PRODUCTIONS offers an ever-expanding world of professional video and audio production services including shooting, non-linear editing, on-site audio and video production services for large events/conventions, equipment rentals, duplication, media ministry seminars, resources and consulting.

FS-4 Portable DTE Recorder

The FS-4 brings Direct To Edit technology to DV and HDV handheld camcorders. It‘s the most complete tapeless acquisition solution for digital videographers in the broadcast, sports, wedding and event, and education industries. There‘s no capturing, no file transfer, no file conversion–just shoot and edit. Weighing just one pound and only 1.5 inches thick, the FS-4 is designed to excel in the field.

Available in four configurations, the FS-4 comes standard with a 40 GB hard drive for three hours recording time and is available with an 80 GB hard drive for six hours recording time. FS-4 supports all the major DV nonlinear editing (NLE) systems, recording files to disk as RawDV, AVI Type 1, AVI Type 2, AVI Type 2 24p, Matrox AVI, Canopus AVI, QuickTime, or QuickTime 24p. FS-4Pro models also include Pinnacle AVI and Avid DV-OMF. In addition to DV file formats, the HD models also support 1080i and 720p MPEG-2 (.m2t) files.

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