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Frantic Films Announces their Branded Content + Commercials Division

Canada-based Frantic Films announces the launch of Frantic Branded Content + Commercials, a multi-disciplinary production facility that specializes in creating original integrated entertainment content for use across the entire range of traditional and emerging media platforms. With offices in both Toronto and Winnipeg, the award-winning studio has a powerful history of success, working cooperatively and creatively to deliver high-quality, deep-impression content and advertising solutions for brands, agency partners, and entertainment outlets. Frantic’s projects include traditional broadcast television series, feature films, documentaries, and branded content for clients such as the Discovery Channel, Slice Network, The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and the Canola Council of Canada.

The company works across and beyond traditional broadcast TV, attaching its roster of seasoned producers and creative talent to agencies or acting independently to create branded content for all media channels. VP/EP Jeff Peeler explains, “As advertisers shift away from high-priced 30-second creative, the relationship and dependence on experienced producers who can also act as creative partners will continue to increase. Frantic can be that partner. With our track record and access to the right talent, our goal is to be the authority on branded content, helping our clients and agencies create effective content for this new form of advertising.” The Branded Content team creates targeted entertainment programming for integrated advertising, including television series, short and feature films, animation, digital advertising, as well as traditional television commercials. These original content solutions can be distributed in numerous ways including traditional broadcast, online, wireless, and digital out-of-home. Frantic is currently in development of a ten-episode network television series that not only features an actual advertising agency at its core, but also brings an advertising brand to the forefront of each episode.

Led by Jeff Peeler and EP Wai Pheng Gan, with oversight from Frantic’s CEO Jamie Brown, the team works collaboratively to create innovative media strategies that engage and entertain. Jamie, who received the inaugural Lionsgate Innovative Producer Award at the Banff World Television Festival, has developed and produced some of the highest-rated programs ever aired on specialty channels and is known for bringing the living-history genre of television programming to North America. Jeff has helped big brands such as Wal-Mart, Verizon, MTV Worldwide, and Monsanto establish awareness through internationally distributed long and short form advertising and promotional content. An industry veteran with over fifteen years experience, Wai Pheng developed her production talents as in-house agency producer at DDB, Ogilvy & Mather, Lintas Worldwide, and McCann Erickson for powerhouse clients such as Volkswagen, Sony, KFC, Johnson & Johnson, Hasbro, Tower Records, Kodak, MasterCard, and Pepsi. Incorporating an extensive background as a designer/illustrator/animator, Creative Director Bill Stewart leads a team of accomplished in-house artists and designers who deliver creative solutions for the wide range of projects at Frantic.

The Frantic Films family also includes a traditional film and television division, creating factual and dramatic television series, as well as feature films. Til Debt Do Us Part, which airs in Canada on Slice Network and in the U.S. on American Life, as well as in the U.K. and Asia, is an award-winning lifestyle program in which a financial wizard helps save debt-stricken families and failing marriages. Guinea Pig, which airs on Discovery Channel in Canada, the U.K., and Germany, and Viasat in Europe follows an unflinching host who acts as the subject of extreme science experiments that test the limits of the human experience. Leveraging a wealth of experience in content development, broadcast production and finishing, Frantic Branded Content + Commercials has established a unique position in the industry as a full-service provider of content solutions for both brands and agency partners.

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Frantic Branded Content + Commercials is a multi-disciplinary production facility that specializes in creating original integrated entertainment for use across the entire range of traditional and emerging media platforms. With over fifteen years experience and a deep understanding of long and short form programming, the team at Frantic knows how to work cooperatively and creatively to deliver high quality, deep-impression advertising and marketing solutions. Frantic will help you entertain, engage, and connect with your target audiences to build lasting customer relationships through innovative media strategies and expert consultation.

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