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First time MXF capturing on Mac!

(Vienna, Austria/Hamburg, Germany–April 08, 2009) ToolsOnAir -Broadcast Engineering has developed a new video capture solution for Mac OS X. Just:In allows capturing of SD and HD video feeds from a broad range of compatible QuickTime devices. It is now also possible for the first time to capture video directly to the MXF container.

The MXF4mac SDK from Hamburg Pro Audio enables Just:In to select MXF for video capturing in addition to the QuickTime MOV format. ToolsOnAir and Hamburg Pro Audio established a long term cooperation to provide a tight integration from ingest to playout using both QuickTime and MXF in Mac OS X.

Just:In provides direct access to MOV and MXF files while they are being recorded without the need to use reference movies. No background application is running and no scanning or referencing process is required. Just:In allows MXF crash recording without predefining a fixed duration. The streaming MXF media is instantly available and accessible for editing in Final Cut Pro in combination with the MXF Import QT component from MXF4mac. Streaming MXF media in Final Cut Pro gets updated with just one mouse click by using an included FxPlug plug-in. UpdateFCPMedia launches automatically with Final Cut Pro and provides a new user interface element to fast re-scan and update media files. There is zero latency and no buffering or chunking of the recorded MXF media – you get what is there in the moment you click on the icon.

ToolsOnAir is based in Vienna, Austria.
It has built a comprehensive suite of video ingest and playout solutions that interface with Apple core technologies such as QuickTime and Quartz.


Hamburg Pro Audio is based in Hamburg, Germany.
The company provides comprehensive knowledge about MXF and has created independent MXF import and export solutions for Mac OS X. All solutions from ToolsOnAir and MXF4mac are tightly integrated with QuickTime and Final Cut Studio.