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From Directors Reels to Website Management, Simian Helps Aero Film Reach New Heights

Los Angeles — Aero Films executive producers Lance O’Connor and Skip Short constantly seek ways to up their game. Their company has an enviable roster of A-list directors and is ranked among the country’s most successful producers of television commercials. Not ones to rest on their laurels, they recently launched a bi-coastal post production division, Aero Studios, that offers editorial, visual effects and animation services. As a result, the company is steadily extending its reach beyond traditional television advertising into long form content, web media and other emerging platforms.

Helping take them to the next level is Simian’s media management platform. The company is using


to maximize their sales activities, manage its digital assets, build presentations, keep track of current productions, and administer their newly launched website.

“Simian makes it extremely easy to create directors reels and tailor them to specific clients and projects,” explains Aero Film executive producer Sara Eolin. “And when we send a reel using Simian, we know exactly who has opened it and what spots they’ve watched. That information helps us hone our sales strategy,” she adds.

Simian allows Aero Film to quickly perform tasks that were formerly very time-consuming such as keeping its newly launched website up to date. The Simian interface enables the company to add, change or update content without the need for any technical training. “It’s incredibly user friendly,” Eolin says. “That’s great from our end, because it means the site is always fresh and current. It even integrates with our Facebook and Twitter accounts.”

Simian makes many formerly onerous tasks routine, Eolin notes. That frees staff to focus more time and energy on their principal task: creating fantastic commercials and other media. “For our directors, art directors and other members of our team, it’s all about the work,” she concludes. “And we have fun while we do it.”

About Simian:

Simian™ is an innovative video sharing platform, workflow manager and multi-presentation tool for creative teams in the advertising, film, television, music and interactive media industries.
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