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Digieffects Launches New Academic Discount Program with Special Pricing for Educators, Students & Schools

Digieffects Further Strengthens its Commitment to Supporting Academia, Making Entire Family of VFX Plug-Ins More Accessible for Students, Teachers

Wilmington, NC (March 3, 2011)

– Digieffects® (

), a developer of popular visual effects software plug-ins, announced today that it has formally launched the Digieffects Academic Discount Program, offering special pricing for educational institutions, film and design schools, students and teachers. Bolstering its commitment to academia, this new program is designed to make it easier for students and the academic community to invest in, and learn the valuable skills of visual effects design and their increasingly ubiquitous role in the post production workflow.

With this announcement, qualifying schools, students and teachers will receive significant discounts on the entire Digieffects family of VFX plug ins, including Delirium v2, Buena Depth Cue v2, Damage v2 and the entire range of a la carte offerings.

“Digital media artists today are becoming more sophisticated, weaving complex visual effects into their day to day work. So the demand on schools, students and teachers to be on top of the latest, most advanced tools is steadily increasing,� said Robert Sharp, president of Digieffects. “While we’ve always been committed to academia, we decided the time was right to make it even easier for schools and students to invest in and steep themselves in our plug-ins. We also understand that the academic community doesn’t always have the resources to acquire the industry’s latest or most advanced tools. Our goal is to ensure that schools are well equipped to help students enter this competitive marketplace with highly valuable, marketable skills.�

Transforming Curriculums, Preparing Students at SCAD

The Savanna College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia is one of the top schools for the fine arts, film and new media in the country. The core of the school’s graphic design curriculum revolves around design thinking. This exploratory process encourages students to see differently, shift focus, look from multiple perspectives, and realize how perception influences meaning. At SCAD, graphic design is about more than problem-solving, as students take on the creative challenge of defining what the problems are, and what opportunities exist for new solutions. It is for these reasons the school has invested in Digieffects throughout multiple departments within the school, as the power, flexibility and versatility of Digieffects plug ins mesh seamlessly with the school’s core mission.

Professor TJ O’Donnell from SCAD comments on the versatility of Digieffects plug ins across the various departments within the school;

“Digieffects plays a significant role in the curriculum here at SCAD as we realized early on its value in preparing our student for when they enter the competitive world of the digital media arts. We use Digieffects plug ins not only for motion media projects, but to achieve results for print projects as well; effects and techniques that are far too complicated to achieve through normal channels in software programs like Photoshop.  We can then take these results and produce them through multiple medias – print, video, online. Our partnership with Digieffects has been invaluable, and their Academic Discount Program has made it that much easier to invest in our students’ future.â€?

The Digieffects Academic Discount Program enables individual students and teachers to purchase any of the Company’s plug-in packages or a la carte offerings at a 50% discount. The program also offers discounts up to 50%, site licenses and preferred technical support to educational institutions. For more information on the Digieffects Academic Discount Program, please visit


About Digieffects

Founded in 1996, Digieffects is a developer of visual effects software. Our software functions as “plugins” and work in conjunction with Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk Combustion, Boris RED and Grass Valley Edius.  We have customers all around the world including many of the best known brands in the media and entertainment industry.  We service a variety of other markets including corporations, government agencies, universities, non-profit institutions, independent freelancers and hobbyists. Digieffects has also licensed its plugins to Adobe and Roxio for inclusion in their video software applications.