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Dickstein is Alive & Well

Following years of successfully launching and developing companies stateside and around the world, Stephen Dickstein is starting his own production company venture,

Alive & Well

. Dickstein has taken on Executive Producer Phillip Detchmendy as a Partner to lead an award winning directorial line-up that includes:

Eric Hillenbrand




Phil Abraham

(backgrounds below), Henry Hobson, Aaron Salgado, Alex Feil and Robin Hays. Additionally, the new company will soon announce its digital division, “Kicking & Screaming” with long-time Dickstein associate, Natalie Loos. Loos will focus on sales of the digital operation, while also guiding the whole group’s marketing and communications.

“Alive & Well has quickly become a dream come true, as we have not only attracted as talented a group of directors as I’ve ever helped assemble, but a brilliant management team, all of whom I have long established working relationships with,” noted Dickstein, who built notable directors at Propaganda Films, Satellite, Independent, Partizan, and most recently for The Sweet Shop. Amongst the illustrious directors managed by Dickstein in commercials: David Fincher, Michael Bay, Mark Romanek, Dante Ariola, Malcolm Venville, Spike Jonze, Mark Romanek, Traktor, Steve Ayson, Mr. Hide and Ben Quinn. His efforts building management talent (production executives and director representatives) is no less impressive, and Dickstein has played an important part in the career development of industry respected hot shots including: Tracy Bernard, Michael D, Susan Murphy, Brian Carmody, T.K. and Chuck, Dana Balkin and many others, “Supporting and growing great managers, along with project and director development, are the greatest joys in this business.”

Despite a legacy of success, that will certainly inform the direction of Alive & Well, “We’re not particularly sentimental, so we don’t plan on resting on the laurels of our past to propel this new venture forward,” stated Dickstein. “Our energies are focused on what works now. More than ever, firm partnerships and unified goals have to be in place in order to adapt to our ever-changing landscape. As suppliers of quality executions and providers of top notch creative support and leadership, our single mindedness in achieving quality content, our collaborative and non-prejudicial style will allow for much needed elastic response to market conditions and demands. These are important in making great work happen!”

Colleagues at competing companies for many years, Dickstein and Detchmendy spent the last six months together establishing a working chemistry that will aid in developing Alive & Well. “At this point, Phillip and I know both ourselves, as well as knowing each other’s strengths and the things we like to focus on and are good at,” Dickstein continued. “We have countless years of high-level executive production and talent management experience between us, and while working at The Sweet Shop together, we discovered that we are really complementary: Phillip is our man in production, while I run the business part of the enterprise, focusing on director development. Directors, agencies and the rest of our team feel the strength of this bond, and we believe it sets us up for a terrific launch.”

“For me, the fit with Dickstein was instant,” states Detchmendy, who will bring his experience with top talent, networks of industry relationships, energy in supporting creatives and his confidence in managing complex projects into the new company. “Alive & Well has given us the opportunity to create a dynamic partnership with simple goals: provide and support interesting talent that can push innovation and foster original thinking and ideas.”

With a talented core of mostly young directors who have already taken every award in advertising, getting guidance and management from creative executives with such extraordinary experience, Alive & Well is strongly positioned among the top companies in the business. “In a certain way, this is actually not a startup. With a spirited and optimistic attitude, curiosity and elasticity in thinking, we have combined some really amazing young talent with a few guys who are just downright fresh for the commercials business,” Dickstein continued. “These are directors that will challenge creative norms and introduce fresh perspectives, bringing the complete human skillset necessary to get wonderful ideas on the screen on behalf of agencies and clients. Combining seasoned management with fresh talent is the formula for success we are counting on or, at least, we are hoping will be embraced. Few, if anyone, will question our integrity, work ethic and vision in our history, but having these amazing directors to start won’t hurt either. That’s why we consider ourselves very fortunate that we are

Alive & Well


Quick Facts:

Stephen Dickstein:

Recognized internationally as one of the leaders and innovators in the field of TV commercial production and digital advertising. Prior to founding Alive & Well, Dickstein played leading roles at The Sweet Shop, Partizan, Propaganda Films, Satellite and Independent. Dickstein-helmed companies have earned 75 Clio Awards, two Emmy nominations, four Palme d’Or honors and 50 Lions at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes, (including two Grand Prix statues awarded for best in show), and more than 50 recognitions from the AICP, amongst countless other accolades.

Phillip Detchmendy:

An Executive Producer well versed in production, postproduction and social media/integrated campaigns. In his more than 20 years in the business, he has led some of the top commercial production companies – including Paranoid, Tool of North America and Satellite – and has supported such creative talent as Francois Vogel, the Vikings, Olivier Gondry, Brian Beletic, and Eric Joiner, among others. Detchmendy has executive produced work awarded by Cannes, the Clio Awards and AICP to name a few.

Key Director Background:

Eric Hillenbrand:

Now available in the US, Eric is one of the most celebrated and acclaimed directors in Europe and appreciated around the world. He’s won numbers of awards, including a VDW Young Director Award and a Cannes Young Director Award for Sony Playstation 2


, and most recently acclaimed for his anti-terrorism


spot. His other work includes a superhero-esque spot for Canon, an extended promo for PlayStation 2, and work for Heinz, Iberdrola and Sony Ericcson.


Has worked in Australia, Chile, Africa and the UK, developing a premium client base that includes Gatorade, Nike, Adidas, Land Rover and Cadillac. His recent integrated Skittles campaign quickly became a much beloved phenomenon, and he earned a slew of Bessies, including best director in Canada for this past year, for work with Subaru, Mini, the Paralympics, and the National Advertising Awards.

Phil Abraham:

Director of the hit series

Mad Men

, is one of the most influential directors in TV drama, earning six Emmy nominations for his work on

Mad Men, Breaking Bad

, and

The Killing

. Abraham conceived of and shot the iconic opening credits sequence of

The Sopranos

. With a unique skillset that works across mediums, he is currently in development as director on several indie films, as well as large Hollywood pictures and he has set his sights on doing commercials–where his career as a cameraman started–that call for performance, dialog or celebrity.

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About Alive and Well

Stephen Dickstein and Phillip Detchmendy are partners and have already put together an amazing support team to bring you Alive & Well. Dickstein is recognized internationally as a leader in the fields of television commercial production, entertainment and digital advertising, and for bringing exceptional talent to the market. Phillip is an Executive Producer/Managing Director fondly regarded and highly respected for his work with some of the industry’s top production companies. But it’s not about them.

We all know success in a creative business is about vision; about supporting innovation; managing complex processes into great executions; and attracting and supporting artists in every facet of our business. Alive & Well is dedicated to these principles and philosophy, and has the contemporary wherewithal, thinking and history to achieve award-winning and internationally acclaimed results.

The journey begins again.

More info: TRUST 646 452 3388 (NY) 310 451 5153 (LA)