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De Lijn Undertakes Major Digital Upgrade

Testronic Labs Selected for Consultancy to the Transition

(Diepenbeek, Belgium/Burbank, CA)

Testronic Labs

, the recognized global leader in quality assurance and compliance services for software, hardware, film and television, games, and websites, has been selected by

De Lijn

to support a major digital upgrade to the official Flemish public transport system. De Lijn is the commercial name of the Vlaamse Vervoermaatschappij, an autonomous state enterprise responsible for urban and regional transport by bus and tram in Flanders. The upgrade, known as ReTiBo (Registration, Ticketing, and On Board Computers), will revolutionize the system by providing important planning information, from ticketing to financial reporting and analysis.

In the assignment, Testronic will consult with senior level experts and supply testing methodologies and environments for the entire ReTiBo system. Testronic will assure that all internal and external parties involved implement and follow standardized quality control processes throughout the project, guide the internal De Lijn team through the initial implementation processes, and create an ongoing environment for consistent quality management for all future developments. Testronic will also collaborate with other partners in the consulting agreement; including Clear2Pay for payment expertise and Spirtech for Calypso and hardware expertise.

Under the scope of the project, which is planned to be fully operational in three years, Testronic will provide testing expertise in three key areas: software, hardware, and card technology. They will test all of the software and interfaces on the devices, the entire data processing back-office system, and all pertinent business processes. Testronic will also provide validation and certification of the hardware to be used right up to the installation of the new devices on the actual buses and trams. The final element of Testronic’s involvement will deal with the new smart card technology being utilized on the project, ensuring NFC & EMV compliance of the whole environment, with interoperability agreements across multiple companies, data-model validations, transaction communications, and processing.

The installation of a scalable, onboard computer in all busses and trams is the centerpiece of De Lijn’s movement into a digital ecosystem. ReTiBo will supply De Lijn with important operations data and will generate technical data regarding the vehicles, their positions, and any technical failures, which will assist in the proactive management of any technical maintenance. ReTiBo will also fill a critical information gap, as use of season tickets (‘abonnements’) will now be registered.

The digital upgrade will streamline processes and supply important information to De Lijn and the Flemish government. Behind the scenes, the instant processing of travel data, related back office handling, remote diagnostics, service management, and driver information will contribute to the overall service level provided to travelers. In later phases, the system will allow for registration via NFC-enabled smartcards based on the Calypso standard, provide further extensions to real-time travel alerts, and offer traffic and mobility improvements and onboard info-tainment.

Erik Bulté, Program Manager of De Lijn, said, “De Lijn is dedicated to providing the finest service to our customers. In order to carefully plan and seamlessly implement ReTiBo, we are working with the experts from Testronic Labs. The work they are undertaking is of the utmost importance to us, and we are happy to have them as part of this project. We found Testronic to be the standard bearer in testing and consultancy for hardware and software, and their team possess the core expertise the ReTiBo project demands. We look forward to working closely with our colleagues at Testronic over the course of the next several years as we implement these exciting improvements to our transportation system.”

Johan Craeybeckx, Chief Technology Officer of Testronic Labs, noted, “Testronic is very pleased to have been chosen to work on this exciting project for De Lijn. Our consultancy draws upon Testronic’s complete skill-set for hardware and software testing, and we are uniquely able to provide input and testing requirements from the systems design phase through to the back office data. We are honored to have been chosen for an assignment that has such a critical impact on the way a public utility is serving its users.”

About Testronic Labs

Testronic Labs’ high standards have been protecting clients and safeguarding the consumer experience since 1998. As the leading global provider of quality assurance, compliance, and localization services for a notable array of industries; including media, entertainment, games, education, e-commerce and consumer electronics, Testronic Labs ensures efficient and secure delivery of the highest quality consumer deliverables. Based in Burbank, CA, Pinewood Studios and central London UK, Diepenbeek, Belgium and Warsaw, Poland, Testronic Labs offers an unparalleled history of next-generation innovation and service excellence across the entire digital media industry.

About De Lijn

De Lijn – the commercial name of the Flemish Transport Company – is an independent government body responsible for urban and regional public transport in Flanders since 1991.De Lijn’s operational frame of reference comprises a managerial agreement with the Flemish government. This agreement consists of a request by the Flemish government that De Lijn be a reliable partner for intelligent, sustainable and efficient public transport. Every year, De Lijn receives financial compensation from the Flemish Region – its major shareholder – to fund operations and investments. In addition, De Lijn also generates income from the sale of tickets. Half of De Lijn’s bus operations are entrusted to private transport companies. Regional branches in the five Flemish provinces are responsible for daily service provision and direct contact with passengers. The Central Departments in Mechelen coordinate and support the operations of these branches. With nearly 4200 busses and trams, De Lijn and its operators provide transport for 1.5 million passengers every day. These vehicles travel approximately 225 million kilometres every year. De Lijn employs 8400 people, its operators 2800. As a result, De Lijn is responsible for generating considerable employment in the private sector.

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