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The Cortez Brothers Welcomes Director Ricardo Maldonado

Ricardo Maldonado

The Cortez Brothers, an LA-based company specializing in international productions, is pleased to welcome Ricardo Maldonado to its directorial roster.

“Ricardo’s new campaign for Peru blew me away,” says Ed Rivero, Executive Producer of The Cortez Brothers. “It captures the complete truth about cultural integration, and triggers such a response of sheer fun and amusement that I had to take a further look. All of his work carries this distinctive magical quality that makes you smile.”

“The Cortez Brothers’ reel is top notch, and you know they are doing things the right way if they have longstanding relationships with directors like Simon Bross and Angel Gracia,” adds Maldonado. “That definitely impressed me. I think Ed has a deep understanding of what is happening in the industry. To be able to work alongside a knowledgeable, respected producer like him is both an honor and a great opportunity for me.”

To view Ricardo Maldonado’s reel:

Maldonado spent much of his childhood on a set watching his director father shoot some of Peru’s most memorable campaigns. A graduate of Ithaca College’s film school in New York, he is a versatile experienced director with profound technical knowledge and world-class narrative skills. His productions have taken him all over South America, North America and Europe.

As a director, Maldonado has earned more than 35 prestigious international awards, including Cannes, New York Festivals, LIAA, and APAP, among others. His recent 15-minute documentary, “To Peru from Perú,” gained global acclaim, winning Grand Prix honors at El Ojo de Iberoamerica and FIAP. The film swept the awards at the recent El Sol Festival in Bilbao, Spain, landing a Grand Prix in Promo, Gold recognition in Promo, TV/Film and Integrated Campaigns, a Gold in PR and Silver in Digital. The sequel, which he also helmed, is slated to air soon.

Maldonado is currently shooting his first feature film, a comedy called “AsuMare.” He is also the author of Paper-to-Screen, a conference he has delivered in various cities around the globe, which details the healthy creative evolution of a commercial from its written to audiovisual stages.

About The Cortez Brothers:

A Los Angeles-based company specializing in international productions, The Cortez Brothers has become a lightning rod for the worlds of entertainment and advertising, melding Hispanic/Latino culture and mainstream American sensibilities.

Founded in 2006, it brings bilingual, international talent under one roof, combining the forces of directors, writers and producers who are equally at home speaking English or Spanish. The Cortez Brothers produces a wide range of projects from feature films and television series to webisodes and commercials.

Recent clients include AT&T, Chevy, Coca-Cola, Dodge, Ford, Home Depot, McDonald’s, Pontiac, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, Verizon and Allstate. The Cortez Brothers is one of the only woman- and minority-owned production companies in the entire US.