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The Cortez Brothers Signs Director Ago Panini

— Leading European Director Signs with International LA-based Production Company, The Cortez Brothers, for Exclusive Representation in the USA —

International production company The Cortez Brothers welcomes acclaimed European director Ago Panini to its roster. This latest signing aligns with the LA-based company’s expertise in (and commitment to) partnering international talent with advertising agencies and major brands in the U.S.

Director Ago Panini

“Ago is a stellar director, and his passion for the fine things in life — cars, beauty, lifestyle, food — definitely shows in his work,” says Executive Producer Ed Rivero. “When he films, every image looks luscious and textured and delectable, whether it’s an auto or an actor’s performance.”

“It is an honor for me to sign with The Cortez Brothers,” adds Panini. “I think their approach to the market in these troubled and interesting days is very precise. They’re much more focused on talking with creatives and directors and trying to find the perfect partnership for the next project. Human relationships are very important to me, and I know The Cortez Brothers share the same philosophy.”

To view his work, please visit:

Ago Panini is one of Europe’s top directors and a winner of numerous global awards. Known for his sophisticated visual style and experience with top automotive brands worldwide, his body of work includes Mercedes Benz, BMW, Nissan, FIAT, Alpha Romeo, Chrysler and many others.

His most recent work of art in commercial form, for the very exclusive, one-of-a-kind Lamborghini Aventador J UNICA, was featured in a number of media outlets around the world.

Panini has also helmed innumerable music videos throughout his career, and has successfully translated that expertise into commercial experience. He has directed celebrities like Penélope Cruz (for Serrá Tiles) and Carla Bruni, the Italian-French singer and wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy (for Lancia), and had a hand in Europe’s version of MasterCard’s “Priceless” campaign, directing the acclaimed “Sisters” spot.

Panini is the co-founder of a popular Milan-based production company that focuses on commercials, music video and cinema. His longer-format projects include the short film “Scorpioni,” which won the Gold Medal at both the New York Festival and the Venice Film Festival. He is additionally the co-writer and director of the film “Waiting for the Sun,” an Italian black comedy.

“He fits our international approach perfectly,” adds Rivero. “We’re one of those companies that’s as at home shooting in Barcelona as L.A. or New York, and Ago is one of those directors who moves flawlessly between those worlds.”

“The ‘marriage’ between a great script and a great director is a sort of magical recipe,” concludes Panini. “You need excellent taste, sophisticated touch and good karma, and I feel The Cortez Brothers know how to handle this delicate dish. I know what I mean when I talk about cooking (I am Italian!).”

Panini is represented by Ed Rivero on the East Coast, Dave Dakich of dbl.D in the Midwest and Danixa Diaz of iartists on the West Coast.

About The Cortez Brothers:

The Cortez Brothers, an internationally-focused production company based in Los Angeles, has become a lighting rod for the worlds of entertainment and global advertising, blending world-class content and production standards with mainstream American sensibilities.

Founded in 2006, it brings multilingual, international talent under one roof, combining the forces of directors, writers and producers who are equally at home speaking English, French, Swedish, German, Italian or Spanish. The Cortez Brothers produces a wide range of projects, from feature films and television series to webisodes and commercials.

Recent clients include AT&T, Chevy, Coca-Cola, Dodge, Ford, Home Depot, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, Verizon, Volkswagen and Allstate. The Cortez Brothers is one of the only woman- and minority-owned production companies in the entire U.S.