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Bright Systems Announces Availability of BrightDrive Data Management Suite V3

Bright Systems, Inc., developer of disk recorder and data infrastructure technology, has announced immediate availability of a new version of BrightDrive Data Management Suite (DMS). Supplied as standard with all BrightDrive shareable media systems, Version 3.0 of BrightDrive DMS includes a powerful new range of usability features and enhancements that enable customers to further optimize the flow and management of media between multiple DI and post-production workstations and processes.

BrightDrive DMS comprises three data management products: Data Wrangler, Data Optimizer and Data Mover. In V3.0, each product features a range of new and updated functions to maximize ease of use, system performance and data delivery speeds.

Data Wrangler V3.0 includes a new set of graphical tools available to operators from within a single, simple to use interface for browsing, searching and previewing media. These new tools facilitate the management of folders and sequences on the BrightDrive infrastructure. Data Wrangler has also been extended to include easy access to all the Data Mover and Data Optimizer functions.

Data Optimizer and Data Mover V3.0 benefit from a new algorithm developed to improved workspace management through advancements in optimization intelligence. Data Optimizer identifies media within any data set, including single clips, and analyzes its physical characteristics. Images are re-laid out, if necessary, in the most logical and intelligent order for optimal playback.

Data Mover V3.0 simplifies the movement of image files between BrightDrive‘s shareable workspaces, and between BrightDrive and remote workstations with direct attached storage (DAS). By using of Bright‘s advanced image-aware technology, Data Mover is able to recognize the characteristics of image files, and manage them intelligently to provide optimal system performance. Also included are enhanced bandwidth management technology, and a folder-watch function that automatically ‘watches‘ for new files rather than having to be initiated manually.

“BrightDrive‘s powerful media sharing capabilities are recognized in the international post-production and broadcast community for bringing major benefits to all data centric workflows,” said Homer Carter, CTO, Bright Systems, Inc. “At IBC 2007, we are showing powerful new features and software refinements for BrightDrive DMS that deliver increased levels of usability to our products and further highlight the BrightDrive range as a mature, feature-rich technology.”

V3.0 of BrightDrive DMS will ship with all BrightDrive systems. Bright‘s secure, remote distributed system diagnostics are also included as standard to ensure reliable, consistent and uninterrupted system performance. All BrightDrive products are fully scalable to meet the demands of today‘s challenging DI and post environments, and can be integrated easily with existing infrastructures. Bright Systems offers a simple migration path from video-centric workflow requiring minimum or no operator retraining.

BrightDrive DMS V3.0 is available direct from Bright Systems and from Bright‘s international network of resellers and business partners.


About Bright Systems

Bright Systems was founded in 1999 to design and develop advanced infrastructure systems for data-intensive environments. Based in Reno, Nevada, a centre associated with important milestones in the development of video disk recording, Bright Systems provides a range of extremely high-performance file servers capable of record/playback of real-time uncompressed video and data streams. With its unique expertise in advanced engineering and facility integration/workflow, Bright Systems is able to deliver a significant competitive edge to the post production industry.