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Brian Fox Sells B.D. Fox Advertising, Launches B.D. Fox Independent

Malibu, CA, August 14, 2007 – Brian D. Fox, president, CEO and founder of B.D. Fox & Friends, Inc., Advertising, one of Hollywood‘s most noted motion picture, television and home entertainment advertising agencies, has announced the sale of that solely owned company to senior management. Concurrently, Mr. Fox will launch “B.D. Fox Independent,” a new company that will focus on marketing, distribution and production for the independent film industry, globally.

The senior management of B.D. Fox & Friends, Inc., Advertising has renamed that company “Ocean Park Creative,” and will continue to provide the creative services to the entertainment industry for which the agency has long been known.

Regarding the announcements, Mr. Fox said, “As many in the industry already know, I have long been a vocal champion of independent film. Fortunately, I am now at the point in my life where I am free to make choices and can devote myself to what I love most. My new company, B.D. Fox Independent, will be capable of handling all of the creative, publicity, media buying, Internet, promotional events and distribution services required to successfully launch any indie film into the marketplace.”

B. D. Fox Independent has been retained by Monumental Films, based in Moscow, to “American-ize” the motion picture marketing of the Russian-produced feature films that are being distributed by Monumental within that country .

He added, “Additionally, our new company will explore the potential of putting together indie films with P&A funding, therefore allowing us the capability of giving producers an alternative to getting their films ‘out there,‘ by utilizing our extensive menu of services and relationships. B.D. Fox Independent can take an indie film from its completion to getting it into movie theatres, while also retaining

the ability to handling any one aspect of that process along the way. Our new firm can deliver a customized solution efficiently for each project, from cutting an effective trailer and designing and producing its one sheet, to creating a powerful Internet presence and throwing premiere gala events. The ultimate goal for our clients, of course, is to minimize their expenses while maximizing their profits.”


Founded in l977 by Brian D. Fox, B.D. Fox & Friends, Inc., Advertising was well known for having created major motion picture advertising for such landmark films as “E.T.,” “Batman,” “Steel Magnolias,” “Harry Potter” and “The Matrix.” The agency also set new precedents for handling the marketing of such notable indie films as “A Day Without A Mexican.”

B.D. Fox & Friends cable television successes included marketing movies airing on TNT, including some of that network‘s top rated, Emmy Award-winning shows such as “Andersonville” and “George Wallace,” as well as marketing HBO telefilms for international theatrical distribution. B.D. Fox was also instrumental in launching the Sci-Fi Channel, Microsoft‘s X-BOX game platform, and such “A” title videogames as “Halo” and “Oddworld: Munche‘s Oddysee.”


Founded in 2007 by Brian D. Fox, B.D. Fox Independent is located in Malibu, CA. The phone is 310/456-7190 and the web address is: