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Innovative New Channel for SCRATCH Lab, Third-Party Products and Logo Merchandise Now Available in One Convenient OnLine Store


, the leading provider of powerful post-production tools for digital workflows, today announced the ASSIMILATE Store (

), an online marketplace where artists can discover, trial and purchase the popular new SCRATCH Lab workflow tool for production and VFX dailies, as well as third-party software and selected hardware accessories that support the entire SCRATCH product line.

Assimilate's new online store is now open

ASSIMILATE has partnered with leading technology vendors to create this unique portal. Now artists in digital cinema and broadcast can experience the convenience of instantly purchasing and downloading SCRATCH Lab on-line, while extending the capabilities of their full SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab systems across many areas of professional content creation – including DI color grading, 3D stereo, VFX, on-location and post-production workflows, subtitling and image-restoration.

Opening on October 25, 2011 the ASSIMILATE Store is divided into four categories: ASSIMILATE software; third-party software; third-party hardware accessories; and ASSIMILATE logo merchandise.

Customers can trial or purchase SCRATCH Lab, the industry’s most-often used workflow tool in production and VFX dailies pipelines, plus a wide range of software and hardware accessory products developed by the growing community of third-party partners supporting the SCRATCH platform. At launch these include products from

3ality Technica, GenArts, RE:Vision Effects, 4K Co. Ltd, HS-Art, Calibrated Software and Tangent

. Several third-party products are exclusive to the ASSIMILATE Store. ASSIMILATE-branded merchandise such as T-shirts and stickers are also available.

SCRATCH Lab and SCRATCH Six, ASSIMILATE’s data-centric DI system for the playback, conform, editing, color grading, compositing and finishing of RED camera and high-end digital workflows, will continue to be sold via the company’s network of resellers worldwide. Customers who need pre or post-sales support, or turnkey systems are encouraged to visit

to find their nearest reseller.

“The ASSIMILATE Store is a full-on trading post for the extensive array of products that make up the SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab ecosystem,” said Steve Bannerman, VP of marketing, ASSIMILATE. “It’s a unique marketplace where artists can discover, trial and purchase optimized software and hardware products that enhance the creativity of their SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab experience, while offering additional convenience and productivity benefits. We’re thrilled by the range of products available at launch; from SCRATCH Lab itself, to visual effects plug-ins and control surfaces; even ASSIMILATE T-shirts and stickers. Our new Store is the perfect complement to our worldwide network of resellers.”

Assimilate's VP marketing, Steve Bannerman

Highlights of the ASSIMILATE Store include:


available immediately on Windows/Mac OSX as a download or for purchase. A new free trial version will be available in November 2011. Aggressively priced at $4,995 USD, SCRATCH Lab is the most comprehensive end-to-end digital system for the review, QC, color grading, conform and deliverables of dailies created during production, or during the VFX process. SCRATCH Lab’s flexible design and intuitive and customizable UI enable it to be easily deployed across a broad range of tasks on 2D and 3D stereo projects up to 5K resolution and beyond.

3ality Technica – 3Play Pro S:

exclusive to the ASSIMILATE Store, the 3Play Pro S is a professional stereoscopic monitoring system for post facilities, enabling playback/review of full resolution HD stereo material on a range of monitors – all from a single device. It can be used as a preview system for facilities with 3D projection theaters, or as the primary stereo-playback solution when used with SCRATCH.

4K Co. Ltd – UnicodeText Asian Language Subtitle plug-in:

exclusive to the ASSIMILATE Store, 4K’s UnicodeText plug-in seamlessly provides Chinese, Japanese, English and Korean language subtitles to any media in SCRATCH or SCRATCH Lab.

Calibrated Software – Calibrated{Q} components:

 Calibrated{Q} components allow SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab to import XDCAM EX .MP4 files and DVCProHD, XDCAM HD/EX and HDV .MOV files.

GenArts – Sapphire & Monsters GT plug-ins:

GenArts, global leader in specialized VFX, has reduced the price of its Sapphire plug-ins for SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab from $2,499 to $1,699 USD. The Sapphire portfolio of effects includes organic glows, edge rays, lightning, film effects and much more. Monsters GT provides over 50 VFX plug-ins, including physics-based particles, fluids, fire, smoke and other natural phenomena, time-based feedback effects, and other artistic effects.

HS-Art – PixelBuster & DustBuster+ plug-ins:

exclusive to the ASSIMILATE Store, PixelBuster is a brand new, an easy-to-use solution to quickly fix any kind of single image defects, such as dust spots, scratches and bad splices. Based on the award-winning DustBuster+, PixelBuster includes a more interactive toolset with automatic filters for image restoration and is priced at only $999 USD. The full DustBuster+ restoration product is available for only $8,000 USD at the Store, offering dramatic savings over the company’s Euro pricing.

RE:Vision Effects – Twixtor, DE:Noise & ReelSmart MotionBlur plug-ins:

 RE:Vision Effects received an Academy Award for Technical Achievement in 2006 for its family of affordable, user-friendly software plug-ins. It provides SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab users with indispensable plug-in sets, including the acclaimed Twixtor shot re-timer, DE:Noise for image-noise reduction, and ReelSmart Motion Blur for the addition of more-natural motion blur.

Tangent – CP200, Wave & Element Control Panels:

Tangent’s range of control surfaces have become the panels-of-choice for many software-based color grading systems. SCRATCH and Lab both support the CP200, Wave as well as the upcoming Element panels, which give colorists a wide range of controls to perfect the grading of long and short-form film productions.

ASSIMILATE is the premier provider of digital workflow and post-production tools, that have proven essential to the successful creation of thousands of studio and independent features, television shows, music videos and corporate video productions. The company’s SCRATCH products, running on Windows and Mac OSX, are the heartbeat of today’s most demanding digital post-production and dailies workflows for 2D and stereo 3D productions. They equip Directors, DPs and Artists with the state-of-the-art, intuitive, data-centric solutions they need to meet the continual challenges of increased creativity and productivity amid ever-shrinking budgets. ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH data-centric DI system, is the most comprehensive, end-to-end cinema and broadcast imaging tool for playback, conform, editing, color grading, compositing and finishing of RED and other digital workflows. SCRATCH Lab delivers a comprehensive toolset for the review, versioning, color correction, conform and output of on-set or VFX dailies. ASSIMILATE, a privately held company, with headquarters in Santa Clara, California, USA, offices in London, UK, Groningen, NL and Beijing City, CN markets its products worldwide via a global reseller network. To learn more please visit