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The Asbury PR Agency Marks 15th Anniversary Milestone; Agency Specializes in Repping Production & Post Production Companies and Projects

Beverly Hills, CA, Oct. 3, 2011—The Asbury PR Agency, Inc. celebrates its 15th Anniversary this month, it was announced by agency president/founder Dan Harary. Originally launched in Hollywood as Asbury Communications in October l996, today The Asbury PR Agency, based in Beverly Hills, continues its work as a boutique full-service PR, Promotional and Marketing Agency specializing in all areas of entertainment, media and lifestyle clientele.

Current clients of The Asbury PR Agency include Gravity, Pixeldust Studios, MastersFX., Real to Reel Location Agency and pigFACTORY Music. Asbury is currently available to represent additional new clients to add to its roster from across all areas of the media and entertainment industries.

Regarding the anniversary, Mr. Harary said, “During the course of the past 15 years, we’ve been fortunate enough to have handled hundreds of clients and projects based all across the U.S., as well as several based in Europe, Israel and Canada. We’ve been involved with numerous high profile Hollywood campaigns, celebrity-driven charity projects, film, TV show and Internet programs, high profile events and a diverse range of entertainment, lifestyle and new product launches.”

Asbury PR has handled the PR launches of The Hollywood Film Festival, the Visual Effects Society, and the International 3D Society, and is actively promoting Hollywood’s first ‘Aliens to Zombies’ Convention (Oct. 22); the American Film Institute’s Tribute to the U.S. Government’s ‘Atomic Cinematographers’ Event (covered by virtually every major media outlet in America), launches of the very first original, animated content on the Internet from ‘Ren & Stimpy’ creator John Kricfalusi and from director Tim Burton; the rebirth of the World Animation Celebration; the launch of ‘Star Trek: The Experience’ attraction in Las Vegas; the press for ‘Lovelace: A Rock Opera’ at The Hayworth Theatre; the indie film ‘A Day Without A Mexican’ (which triggered major national controversy and publicity), and the original cast reunion of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Hollywood,’ among them.”

The Asbury PR Agency continues to specialize in representing the most preeminent ad/marketing, visual content, digital branding, music and production/post production companies in Hollywood. These have included several of the top motion picture and mobile marketing agencies, countless visual and special FX companies and projects, world leaders in motion graphics, broadcast design and animation, music production and music library companies, new media/technology companies, large scale events, B-to-B and consumer advertising campaigns, theme park and experiential attractions and event marketing producers, authors, live theatre presentations, charity events, reality TV stars, new product launches, musicians, and many others.

Among the high profile companies for which The Asbury PR Agency has provided public relations services since the agency’s launch in 1996 are:

** Trailer Park
** Pittard Sullivan
** Creative Domain
** Troika
** Craig Murray Productions
** Mocean
** B.D. Fox & Friends Advertising
** Shoolery Design
** TaffetDesign
** AvatarLabs
** Landmark Entertainment Group
** Automat Pictures
** Campos Creative Works
** Deadline Advertising
** Elias Arts
** Eden FX
** Belief
** Absinthe Pictures
** Human Music
** International 3D Society
** Lambie-Nairn Design (UK)
** Megatrax
** 615 Music
** MGA Toy Company
** GameSpy
** Novocom
** Pongo Productions
** Saville Productions
** Space Division
** Swart Advertising
** Three Ring Circus
** Visual Effects Society


The Asbury PR Agency is based in Beverly Hills, CA. The agency is owned by Dan Harary, a 30-plus year veteran of the entertainment public relations industry, who oversees a staff of seasoned PR specialists. Prior to the launch of Asbury in l996, Mr. Harary worked in the PR profession for Columbia Pictures, The American Film Institute, The Playboy Channel, Columbia Pictures Television and two prominent LA-based entertainment PR agencies.

The Asbury PR Agency provides full service public relations on both a retainer and “per project” basis. The agency also offers specialized writing services for print and web, social media content creation, and the production of — and publicity for — large scale events. For more information please visit:

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