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Artistic Image Called Upon By JWT/Retail First To Create A Second Design-Driven Campaign for Ford

Dye knew that Japanese-style anime art would provide the texture and depth needed to take the campaign to the next level, so he explored the medium, studying the works of Takashi Murakami, the acclaimed artist credited with elevating anime to the level of fine art.

To produce the spot, Dye employed a number of three-dimensional technologies. Maya was used to animate the cars, while ZBrush, an intuitive sculpting and painting application, enabled him to sculpt the drivers and create a road, which realistically cracks and releases molten lava. Shake and After Effects handled the compositing, which included 20 rendered layers and 20 more composite layers that integrated a diverse mix of visual effects and corrected colors.

Earlier this year AI was called upon to create Ford’s Presidents’ Day campaign. The spots feature six new Ford vehicles in a celebratory way, without predictable presidential imagery. Dye developed a captivating concept that incorporated animated footage of fireworks that exploded, shooting off red, white and blue ribbons – creating a showcase for launching the six new Fords, which bursting out of fireworks in three layers. AI rendered each car in each layer one at a time and composited it all together.

Creative Director, Kirk Sieder, says “Fireworks was originally designed to be a Presidents’ Day campaign for Baltimore and Washington Ford Dealers, but once other markets saw it, that all changed. Several other markets, including New England, ran Fireworks as well. It was a retail campaign, for sure, but it has a “coolâ€? factor to it that makes it visually interesting and entertaining. I can say that’s true for everything AI creates. They consistently find ways to propel our ideas to a higher level, infusing them with smart details and complex design that make for a rich and sophisticated animated world. And they stay on budget!â€?

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