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2 Think Group Enjoys Higher Profit Margins with FS-3


At 2 Think Group, tape had finally run its course, as the company struggled with the unreliability and high maintenance costs associated with the medium. As Ryan Pocius, 2 Think Group‘s CEO, explained, “We were recording to DVCam, Beta-SP, and most recently, HD-Cam. But no matter the format, tape was simply too archaic, unreliable, and subject to variability for our needs.”

In particular, Pocius was concerned about tape drop outs. Out of ten takes, he often found himself stuck with a drop out or two. And there‘s no way of detecting a drop out until it‘s too late–once tape has been logged and captured, long after the day‘s shoot. Problems really occurred on those unfortunate instances when drop outs happened to plague Pocius‘ best takes of a shoot, forcing him to settle for a lesser take.

“I produce investment video presentations to get funding for the higher end projects we pursue. Many of these videos involve a notable actor. They don‘t have time to bother with a reshoot because of a drop out,” said Pocius. “And for that matter, we don‘t have time to waste capturing large amounts of tape in real time. The quicker we can produce investment videos, the faster we can get funding for our projects, and go to market.”

And drop outs were not the only problem for 2 Think Group. Pocius also worried about the high cost of maintaining his VTRs and camera tape heads under heavy, day-in, day-out use.


Pocius turned to Focus Enhancements‘ Direct To Edit technology to eliminate the headaches associated with tape, purchasing two FS-3 Camera-Mount Recorders. The FS-3 mounts directly onto a full-sized camcorder and features removable FireWire hard drives with 40, 60, or 80 GB capacity. These devices let Pocius record DV streams directly to disk via FireWire. Once shooting is done, he simply connects the FS-3 or external hard drive to his editing system like any standard FireWire hard disk drive and can drag and drop files into his NLE‘s timeline.

The FS-3 records clips in “edit-ready” file formats such as Raw DV, AVI Type 1, AVI Type 2, Matrox AVI, Canopus AVI, QuickTime and Avid DV-OMF. As a result, clips are immediately available in the NLE system without having to first capture, transfer, or convert clips. By eliminating these intermediate steps, footage can be ready for edit almost as soon as it has been shot.

“The FS-3 offers great versatility and flexibility,” explained Pocius. “Focus makes sure that their products integrate with the major camera and NLE systems. As a result, I don‘t have to worry about being locked into one manufacturer or product line.”


With the FS-3, 2 Think Group can avoid tape and its associated problems in their daily workflow. The FS-3 has saved the company thousands of dollars in tape deck maintenance costs. And Pocius no longer worries about drop outs or other quality problems in his footage. “I‘m now able to record fewer takes because I‘m confident the FS-3 will capture the shots without fail,” he said. “The FS-3 eliminates numerous variables in the process, like camera heads and VTRs–any of which can go wrong and cost me time and money. I can save my clients significantly on the cost of their presentation, and at the same time I can enjoy a higher profit margin because of FS-3‘s reliability, flexibility and efficiency.”

Pocius also appreciates the increased productivity that comes from bypassing the capture and ingest process. “In the two years since I purchased the FS-3, the unit has paid for itself 100 times over,” he concluded. “In fact, the FS-3 paid for itself on the very first shoot.”


Looking to avoid costly re-shoots caused by tape drop outs, as well as the high costs of maintaining VTRs and camera heads, 2 Think Group turned to the FS-3 Camera-Mount Recorder. With the FS-3‘s Direct To Edit technology, the company is able to record footage directly to disk–bypassing the capture and ingest process.

“The FS-3 is reliable, inexpensive, and offers great versatility. In the two years since I purchased the FS-3, the unit has paid for itself 100 times over. In fact, the FS-3 paid for itself on the very first shoot.”

– Ryan Pocius, CEO, 2 Think Group

About 2 Think Group

2 Think Group headquarters are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The firm is comprised of a solid leadership team and the company continues to expand its service lines in defense contracting, engineering and aerospace as well as commercial contracts. The company also boasts a research and development division and automotive design division called, 2 Think Design/Diamond Rides.

FS Family

The FS family of video production products takes users from acquisition to editing with unparalleled speed, efficiency, and reliability. Compatible with most DV and HDV camcorders and editing software, FS products feature Direct To Edit (DTE) ® video recording technology that converts the output from your DV or HDV camcorder or VTR to a nonlinear editing (NLE) format and records it on FireWire disk drives. By combining DTE Technology with advanced caching and redundant tape and disk recording, FS products ensure that you never miss an important shot or lose critical footage. And best of all, your footage is ready to edit instantly.

FS-3 Camera-Mount DTE Recorder

The FS-3 mounts directly to full-size DV camcorders and brings Direct To Edit disk recording technology to the field. Featuring industry-standard Anton/Bauer, V-mount, PAG lock, or NP battery mount plates, the FS-3 fits perfectly between the camcorder and the battery using a DV input/output port, and draws power from the camcorder‘s existing battery system. The FS-3 features removable FireWire drives in 40GB (3 hours) and 80GB (6 hours) configurations, making it easy to swap out FS-HDD1 drives as needed. And up to four external FireWire drives can be daisy-chained for extended storage.

About Focus Enhancements, Inc.

Innovation, efficiency, and superior quality are the foundation upon which Focus Enhancements builds its products. A world leader in advanced video production, digital asset management, and digital signage solutions, Focus delivers products that perform superbly day in and day out and backs them with unparalleled service and support.