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16×9 Inc.’s EXII 0.75X Wide Converter — Higher Quality, Lower Price

EXII 0.75X Wide Converters

16×9 Inc.’s new

EXII 0.75X Wide Converter

is designed with flexibility in mind, fitting more cameras and lenses than the first-generation converter. And, continuing 16×9 Inc.’s aggressive pricing structure for the EXII series, the EXII 0.75X is priced well below the original EX 0.75X (which retailed for $995 U.S.), yet still offers unsurpassed HD-quality optics.

Featuring four glass elements, the compact and lightweight EXII 0.75X Wide Converter provides 25% more extreme angle of view over the stock lens and maintains full zoom-through capability with cameras that have auto focus. Cutting-edge optics reduce geometric (barrel) distortion and improve off-axis performance, particularly chromatic aberrations and flatness of field.

The EXII 0.75X Wide Converter comes in 62, 72, 77 and 82mm threaded mounts that fit a variety of popular HD and HDV cameras from Canon, Panasonic and Sony. Also, new for the EXII 0.75X is the availability of multiple bayonet mounts for even more applications.

EXII 0.75X Wide Converter specifications:
Weight: 22.5 oz
Length: 47 mm
Front Diameter: 98mm
Filter Thread: 105mm round filter – Requires Rubber Lens Shade (Not Included)
Mounting System: 62mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, bayonets for popular cameras from Panasonic and Sony
List Price: Threaded $780.
List Price: Bayonet $850.

For more information on the EXII 0.8X Wide Converter, contact: 16×9 Inc., 28314 Constellation Rd., Valencia, CA 91355, Phone: (661) 295-3313, Fax: (661) 295-3314,




A distributor and producer of high-end accessories for film and video production, 16×9 Inc. offers a full selection of the latest products from renowned, innovative manufacturers such as Bebob Engineering, EasyRig, Chrosziel, and Noga. In 2005, 16×9 Inc. introduced the first in its own line of top-quality camera accessories: the 16×9 Inc. EX Collection. A family of top-line, HD-quality lens adapters, the EX Collection was created specifically to complement the performance of the newest generation of compact HD camcorders. Backed by more than 35 combined years of industry experience, the goal of 16×9 Inc. is to expand its lenses, adapters, and camera accessories to meet the changing needs and challenges of professional cinematographers.