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Issue 43


Toolkit: January 2017

AJA Video Systems KUMO 6464 KUMO 6464 is a compact 3G-SDI router with 64 3G-SDI inputs and 64 3G-SDI outputs for high-quality, cost-effective signal...


Tips to Clip: January 2017

Bright Light The Problem: You need more light than the beam of the flashlight on your cellphone can provide. The Tip: Set the phone...


CacheFly CDN Powers

This Week in Tech, or TWiT.TV, is a podcast and netcast network covering tech-related topics. It features Leo Laporte, founder and owner of the...


Hibernia Networks’ CDN Services

Hibernia Networks CDN Services provides a high-performance turnkey solution with the ease of use and direct control that today’s market demands. Hibernia has created...