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Issue 35


Toolkit: May 2016

AJA Mini-Connect Mini-Connect ($345) is a small device with four USB connections and a built-in web server that provides network control of up to...


Tips to Clip: May 2016

Backwards It Shoot I received an unusual question this month. Kelly Murphy of New York says, “I have to make a shot where an...


Editor’s View: Taking Flight

We’re only just starting to see what’s possible for video professionals using unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and the opportunities are already amazing. “We live...


J.F. Mercier Relies on MustHD M701H

MustHD’s M701H 7-inch on-camera field monitor features an HDMI input with loop-through HDMI output. The monitor’s IPS panel features 1280 x 800 resolution, 350...