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With IP Interop in the Rearview Mirror, Virtualization Is the Next Step to Elastic Production

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016 - 14:00
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IP is the beginning of significant industry shift, a transition that includes but does not end with virtualization. Value does not come through technology; it comes from how you use it. We call this Elastic Production, and we’re applying virtualization innovations to transition from current practices to a new way of thinking and new workflows.

This session will explore how virtualization, while an important enabler, is only part of the story. EVS’ James Stellpflug will show how products in the in the live environment are evolving for a more production-focused approach and functionality. As we eliminate physical interfaces and move to IP I/O, these are giving way to virtualized production functions (ingest and encoding), switching and graphics resources based on “production collections” that are initiated only as a production requires them. Workflows must be easily configured and deployed and also easily switched and executed on infrastructure or grown without purchasing new systems capex outlay.

Elastic production is what we can do with virtualization to bring fundamental change and deliver on the promise of IP’s benefits.

· IP is an enabler and the open standards are paving the way
· Save money by keeping staff in locations where they can be most productive
· Virtualization applied to production use cases
· IP can provide business scalability and flexibility that has never before been imagined

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James Stellpflug
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VP Product Marketing, EVS
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Tom Butts
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Editor-in-Chief, TV Technology