Philip Bloom: 3 Days with the Panasonic AG-AF100

Day 1

Well I just got back from Boston/ NY and am knackered. First thing I
did was go to Panasonic HQ in Bracknell. Drop off the Gh2, the review of
which is delayed as I have a faulty sample am afraid, and then picked
up the AG-AF100 pre-production model (so image quality may not be same
as retail version)

First off I need to point out this is a totally independent review/
analysis of the AF100. I am not being paid by Panasonic to do it. I am
testing it as I want to test and I want to share my results with you
lot. I am going to Japan next month to shoot with a production model but
this is my own time and again I am not being paid to do it. Panasonic
are being completely hands off and letting me have free reign here. Hats
off to them for this.

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