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PBS to Release 26 Short Films Online

As a digital extension of its POV and Independent Lens series, PBS will be releasing 26 short films from emerging, independent filmmakers in the lead-up to its Online Film Festival. From "Lucky Dip," one of the 26 short films being released online by PBS. Explains VideoInk, "Commissioned by PBS, the short films focus on upbeat stories that appeal to young and socially-savvy viewers. Varying in length (anywhere from three to 20 minutes), the short films seek to highlight indie filmmaking talent across the country."

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New Samsung Ad Plays Up the Company's Many Screens

Samsung's latest 90-second ad, which premiered at Sunday's Oscars, plays up the company's variety of screens, from curved TVs, to smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and more. Said Todd Pendleton, chief marketing officer of Samsung America, "From our TVs, to smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices--Samsung is continually first to market with new technology that helps our consumers live better lives in today’s world. This campaign celebrates the incredible things that happen with Samsung products.” Of course, Samsung also got prime product placement during the actual Oscar telecast when host Ellen DeGeneres took an epic selfie with her Samsung Galaxy 3 that broke retweet records and caused a lot of buzz.

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The New York Times' Modern Love Gets Animated Web Series

The New York Times popular Modern Love column has recently taken to animating one of their posts on a monthly basis, using a different animator for each. Explains Zena Barakat, the mastermind behind the series, "For years, the weekly Modern Love column in the Sunday New York Times had an interpretative, clever illustration that ran alongside it. Brian Rea has illustrated it for a long time. Animation was the perfect next step in turning this great column into a video series...I decided that each month we’d have a different animator. I wanted the series to be unpredictable and a showcase of different artists. Just as the column has a different essayist week, I wanted a different visual voice interpreting a Modern Love story every month."

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Artist Alex Prager Faces Her Fear of Crowds with 'Face in the Crowd' Exhibit

Photographer and filmmaker Alex Prager talks to Wired about her new hybrid photography/video show Face in the Crowd (running through March 9th at Washington DC's Corocoran Gallery), which features stills and videos of large, staged crowd scenes. She says, "To me, the medium of still photography was better to show the emptiness, or the disconnect. And the video was meant to show the two sides of the crowd. Like a sea of anonymous faces or a bunch of individuals with their own stories to tell.” Read the full story here.

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Penguin Launches Companion Second Screen Experience for a Book

Penguin Canada has launched a digital companion experience called The Echo Project to coincide with the paperback release of Khaled Hosseini's And the Mountains Echoed. The companion site features 402 different experiences that relate to the 402 pages of the books, including videos, maps, photos, audio excerpts and more. The project was created by Dare Toronto and was inspired by the multimedia sites of leading newspapers. Says executive creative director Paul Little, "The difference for publishing is, and what we were concerned with, was to not ruin mental pictures or to take away from what's great about reading. This is a companion to the reading experience." Check out a video about how it works below and read more here on Creative Review.

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Kelly Reichardt on Exploring the Thriller Genre with 'Night Moves'

Director Kelly Reichardt talks to Fandor about her new film Night Moves, an independent thriller about a group of radical environmental activists who come together for a common cause.

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Iggy Azalea's Music Video Is a Shot-for-Shot Homage to 'Clueless'

The music video for Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" is basically a shot-for-shot remake of Amy Heckerling's Clueless. Did your favorite scenes (and outfits) make the cut? Watch below.

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'Brazil' and Steampunk Influence Oscar-Winning Animated Short 'Mr. Hublot'

Laurent Witz's Oscar-winning animated short "Mr. Hublot" was inspired by both Terry Gilliam's Brazil and steampunk. He tells Indiewire, "Brazil is definitely an inspiration. I love that movie. Another important inspiration was [Belgian artist] Stephane Halleux's mechanical sculptures and characters. I worked with him and I took his characters to make something possible in animation and to give more emotion to characters. And according to that, we have created the world of Mr. Hublot. The 3D version is warmer than the sculptures. It's poetic."

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A Gray Society Is Transformed in New Paint Commercial

A new 90-second commercial for British paint company Dulux takes its cues from Pleasantville by showing a drab, repressive, and gray society being transformed by contraband cans of paint. The spot was directed by Christian & Patrick. Watch below. (via Creative Review)

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See The Mill's Stylized Posters Depicting the Oscar Nominees in a Variety of Categories

Creative studio Mill+ created the stylized posters that aired as graphics during 9 of the top categories during Sunday's Oscars. As they write on their blog, "Each customized poster look was specifically designed to echo the concept and tell the individual story of each nominee." See how they depicted everything from make-up to set design and screenplay in the striking visuals found gathered here.