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Paris Gallery Combines and Shows Work from Two Projection Mapping Artists

Paris' Galerie L.J.'s new exhibit showcases the work of artists Quayola and Joanie Lemercier to present an overview of projection mapped art. Lemercier tells The Creators Project, "Adeline Jeudy, the galerist who invited us to show some work at Galerie L.J. wanted to present artworks that explore geometrical representations. She chose us to get an aesthetics coherency between the pieces, and because we have a similar approach to how we use technology and software as a tool.” Read the full story here.

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Watch Romain Laurent's Whimsical Spot for Hermes

Romain Laurent creates a whimsical, original commercial for Hermés as one man instantly changes his clothes while out for a stroll. Watch below. (via It's Nice That)

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Artist Cabbibo Creates Interactive Website to Launch New Rioux Album

In conjunction with the release of his new album System Preferences, electronic producer Rioux has released an interactive website created by digital media artist Cabbibo. Explains The Creators Project, "Cabbibo, known for his vortex-like webscapes, visualized the album as an interactive cosmos where each track is embedded into a digitized human bust that viewers can click to access the tunes, which sparks a deluge of luminescent particles. Each song has its own color palette, movement pattern, or, for lack of a better term, multi-sensory soul—sucking the environment's visitors into an orbital EP that looks like it has its own sonic solar system."

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New Commercial Showcases Google Glass Uses in the Wild

A new spot for Google Glass shows a unique application for the wearable device by showcasing how World Wildlife Fund research officer Sabita Malla uses it in her work in the field.The WWF is one of five non-profit organizations that Google has partnered with via their Giving Through Glass program. Watch below. (via Creative Review)

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Watch the Latest Dance-Happy Music Video from Pharrell Williams

Wearing his now signature hat and surrounded by a ton of ladies, Pharrell Williams travels to a dance class, a rooftop and a pink moon for his latest music video "Marilyn Monroe." Watch below.

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BigStar Teases Growing Turmoil in 'Game of Thrones'

HBO once again called on the artists at BigStar to create a teaser campaign for the season premiere of Game of Thrones. Promoting season four, the teasers “Dungeon,” “Desert” and “Forest” hint at dangers around every corner in Westeros, with character studies that build on this season’s tagline: “All Men Must Die.”

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Picture Mill Creates Special Edition 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Open

Picture Mill collaborated with ABC to create the show open that took Jimmy Kimmel Live to Austin, Texas, during SXSW in March. Picture Mill’s production team traveled to Austin to capture some of the city’s most distinctive locations, as well as moments that embody Austin’s unique spirit. The Picturemill team returned to Los Angeles for postproduction, adding texture, animation and typographic treatments to the live-action footage. The modular show open for flexible programming updates was delivered with additional material to be used as a palette for bumpers and interstitials, creating a complete thematic treatment for Kimmel’s Austin residency.    

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Documentary Filmmaker Ondi Timoner Advises Sharing-As-You-Go Work

Documentary filmmaker Ondi Timoner has a unique approach to her craft: the idea that documentarians should share their work as they go (something she does via her online portal, A Total Disruption). She tells Realscreen, "If you’re going to be making a documentary and it’s going to take you three, four or 10 years, it’s an option now to go ahead and share some of that material, and maybe make a [webisode] about different characters or a scene that you did. Or make it like gonzo journalism where you literally are taking people through the work." Read the full story here.  

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The Art and Science of 'Particle Fever'

Fast Company's Co.Create talks to physicist-turned-filmmaker Mark Levinson about his science documentary, Particle Fever. Says Levinson, "In art and science we’re trying to represent the world around us. In physics, the language we use is math. But painters and musicians also represent the world in a way that moves you and gives you insight.” Read the full story here.    

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Katy Perry Promos New Music Video in Transformative Video

In the lead-up to the release for her latest music video for single "Birthday," Katy Perry has released a fun and silly video highlighting "The World's Worst Birthday Party Entertainers." The catch? It's actually Perry underneath a load of make-up as she turns into a grandma, a clown, a spoiled princess, and a joke-cracking rabbi. This is the second promo Perry has done for "Birthday." The first was a lyric video which featured the words of the song spelled out in cake from Charm City Cakes (of Ace of Cakes fame). The official video for "Birthday" will be released on April 24th.