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New PBS Promo Turns Boxes Into Multi-Platform Experience

PBS' new "Boxes" promo showcases the ability to watch its programming on whatever device you want by turning a simple box into a television, laptop, tablet, phone and more. The spot was directed internally by Carol Paik. Watch below.

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Updating a Classic 1970s TV Ident

Paul Sanni and Elias Mallette, part of the in-house Creative Services team at WGBH, spoke to Filmmaker Magazine about updating a classic TV station ident for their channel (found below). Says Sanni, "I’ve been working with animators for many years and we often work this way. They generate footage and then we play with it and edit it, just like you would edit picture footage. So you’re doing the editorial and sound design at the same time, and then to really polish up the sound at the end, I bring it into ProTools and in ProTools you can do a lot more automation on the tracks, you can do selective EQ for little spots." Read the full story here.

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HBO Delves Into the Process of Acting with Anna Deveare Smith Documentary

Celebrated actress and teacher Anna Deveare Smith talks to The Credits about her upcoming HBO documentary, Anna Deavere Smith: A YoungArts Masterclass, which follows her intensive three-day workshop with 6 young actors. Says Smith, "The classroom is where process can really happen. I’m sort of addicted to process, that’s why I’m addicted to teaching. In fact, I’ve gone so far I’ve become more interested in teaching arts educators, because that’s even more about process.” Read the full story here.

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Frank Pavich on Making a Documentary About the Greatest Movie Never Made

Frank Pavich's documentary Jodorowsky's Dune tells the epic story of a 1970s mega-film that never got made. Director Alejandro Jodorowsky's adaptation of the famed sci-fi novel, Dune, was supposed to be 14 hours long, involve the talents of Salvador Dali, Orson Welles and Pink Floyd (to name just a few), and had over 3,000 completed storyboards when it was scrapped.

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Short Computer-Animated Film Explores the Wondrous World of an Atom

ATYP Studios animates the journey of a computer generated "atom" as it's hit with a variety of forces and environments in their short film "XxDr." Explains ATYP co-founder Chris Angelkov to Creative Review, "The chain of events that unfold are one constant simulation that we are observing, primarily from a single camera locked in proximity to the ‘atoms.' The simulation happens from top to bottom in our 3D software as objects fall to the ground, so we rotated the camera head through 90 degrees to make the atom appear to be travelling sideways. Yes there are a few occasions where we break out from this locked position but for the majority we chose to record this from a surreal, and physically impossible, viewpoint." Watch below and read the full story here.

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Music Video Achieves Unique, Stilted Stop-Motion

Directors Santiago and Joe create an unusual stop-motion animated music video for Gabriel Garzon-Montano's "Everything Is Everything." They achieved the video's stilted imagery by uploading hours of live footage to an iPad and then scanning screenshots as the film played out. They then put the images back together again. It's almost like a high-tech way to harken back to the days of early, low frame rate filmmaking. Watch below. (via It's Nice That)

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Viral Video Shows the Emotional Side of Science

On Monday a viral video with an unusual subject matter was making the rounds: it was about the discovery of gravitational waves, which essentially proves the the Big Bang Theory and the concept of cosmic inflation. What would lead everyday laymen to share this video? The emotional reaction of scientist Andrei Linde, who has been working 30 years to prove this theory. In the video, fellow physicist Chao-Lin Kuo broke the news to him that his life's work now has irrefutable proof and Linde's reaction is both powerful and uplifting.

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Behind-the-Scenes of the Covert Filming of 'Under the Skin'

In Jonathan Glazer's Under the Skin, a disguised Scarlett Johansson went out into the streets of Glasgow to try and pick up real-life men who had no idea they were being filmed--thanks to a van rigged with hidden cameras. In the featurette below, get some insight into how the production crew pulled that off and what drew Johansson to making the unusual sci-fi film in the first place.

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Saman Kesh Analyzes Interactions at a 1960s Pool Party in New Placebo Music Video

Saman Kesh has just released the second in a trilogy of music videos for Placebo. This one, for track "Loud Like Love" analyzes an incident at a 1960s pool party and is once again narrated by Bret Easton Ellis. Says Kesh, "The band and I always had the notion of a tryptic trilogy that dealt with social interactions across three times. 'Too Many Friends' was about the isolationist future we could possibly live in. In 'Loud Like Love' we show a time that was almost the exact opposite. In the late 60s, it was a time of sexual revolution and almost too much interaction." Watch below and read more here on Promo News.

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The Future of Box Office Returns is a Multi-Platform Approach

In an in-depth three-part post, Liam Boluk of Ivey Business Review looks at the history of the filmmaking industry’s business practices and how they are fundamentally shifting. He finds that although it may appear like tentpole summer blockbusters are a losing industry (with only 4 of 2013’s 18 summer blockbusters grossing enough at the box office to cover production and marketing costs), box office returns are no longer studios’ end goals.