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Casey Reas' New Interactive Art Installation Explores Data Surveillance and Portraiture

Artist Casey Reas' newest piece--with the rather unwieldy name Even The Greatest Stars Discover Themselves In The Looking Glass, An Allegory of the Cave for Three People--is an interactive installation that requires three participants to make it work.

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'Veronica Mars' Creator's #1 Priority: Satisfying the Fans

When the credits rolled on this weekend’s Veronica Mars movie (which was the first major studio film to be released simultaneously in theaters and on VOD) there was a heartfelt shoutout to 91,585 very special fans: the ones who bankrolled the film with their unprecedented Kickstarter pledges.

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Eliot Lee Hazel Directs 11 Music Videos for Beck's New Album

Taking a page from Beyoncé's book, Beck's new album Morning Phase has a cinematic music video for each track. In this case, all of the videos were directed by one man: Eliot Lee Hazel. See a sampler of all the videos and tracks below. (via Promo News)

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'Godzilla' Director Gareth Edwards on Putting Meaning in His Monster Movie

Director Gareth Edwards talks to The Verge about his upcoming Godzilla movie, which he screened a clip of at SXSW this week. Says Edwards, "The great thing about good science-fiction and fantasy is that they can work on two levels. You can have on one level, it's just a fun piece of entertainment and you come to see monsters fighting or whatever it is, and it's great. But then I like another level that if you want to look for it or it's there subconsciously, that there's some meaning behind it and it has a point in a way. And I think all good stories, they shouldn't preach, but they should have a point or be about something." Watch below.

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Banksy Contributes Artwork to Syrian Conflict PSA

Banksy has lent his artwork and Idris Elba his voice for a new campaign that seeks to raise awareness about the civil war in Syria. On the third anniversary of the conflict, supporters are asked to post hopeful messages on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #WithSyria. Watch the video below and read more here on Fast Company's Co.Create.

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Artist Creates Kaleidoscopes Out of New York City's Traffic Cams

Artist James Bridle's new project, #Rorschcam NYC, is a website that create kaleidoscopic images from live feeds from New York City's traffic cameras. Select a camera from the dropdown menu on the top left to see the mundane videos transformed. The most surreal and beautiful creations tend to happen at nighttime, when the lights help form the abstract images that bring Rorschach tests to mind. See it here. (via The Creators Project)

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Wes Anderson Releases Instructional Bakery Short as Companion to 'Grand Budapest Hotel'

Wes Anderson has released a companion short film to his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. The quirky 3-minute short, which comes complete with Anderson's signature sans serif font and pastel color palette, is actually an instructional baking video. Learn how to make the courtesan au chocolat that the film's M. Gustave (played by Ralph Fiennes) enjoys. Watch below. (via SlashFilm)

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Big Block Opens 'Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey'

Big Block Design Group (BBDG) designed and created the main title sequence and show open for Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, the National Geographic Channel and Fox broadcast network’s follow-up to Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, Carl Sagan’s iconic exploration of the universe that debuted on PBS in 1980.

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'Under the Skin' Director Jonathan Glazer Likes Experiencing and Creating Extremes

Director Jonathan Glazer talks to Dazed about the experience of making his divisive film, Under the Skin.

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Microscopic Surfaces Form Beautiful, Surreal Short Film

The most everyday of surfaces take on otherworldly qualities when shot with macro lenses as proven in Noah Shulman's "Confluence." Explains DP Timur Civan, "This film explores microscopic worlds, structures and meanings that exist beyond the naked eye. Confluence was shot using speciality macro lenses and microscopes shot in 4K resolution to bring a hyper-realistic image to life." The film was created as part of the Mental Fabrications exhibit at Harvestworks. Read more and see the full film here on The Creators Project.