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Watch a 'Breaking Bad'-Influenced Pixies Music Video

Mark Locke directs the music video for Pixies' "Snakes," which takes part of its inspiration from Breaking Bad. Explains Locke to Promo News, "The influences are probably obvious! Buñuel, Jodorowsky, some Blue Velvet, also 70s cop shows and Breaking Bad. There's also a bit of Sapphire And Steel in there hopefully. Fingers crossed it's a video you can watch more than once, and get a bit more from." Watch below and read more here.

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Interactive Museum Exhibit Takes Surrealism to a Whole New Level

Interactive agency Rhinofly has created an interactive element to The Centraal Museum in Utrecht, Netherlands' exhibit on surrealism. "Brain Trip" measures readers' brain waves and whether they are relaxed or overwhelmed to determine how far they get to go into the surreal world on their screen. See it in action below. (via PSFK)

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Lifetime's New Idents Herald in Younger, More Social Vibe

Lifetime's new brand ident is based on bold colors, changing typography and a "glossy look" that's meant to appeal to a younger crowd. Says Tim Nolan, SVP of marketing creative and branding strategy for Lifetime, to Brief, "What’s really fun about it is there are no rules. The typography allows us to evolve the package further because there are no rules in the typography--you can keep changing it as you move along.” Watch below and read more here.

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Wander Brands Coexist Campaign

Creative collective Wander produced, directed and designed a media package for Coexist Campaign that includes an animated short and two documentary commercials. For the docu spots, Wander traveled to India and Uganda, where they filmed examples of Coexist supporting increased understanding and reduced conflict in divided communities by helping people to work and learn together. The animated brand piece illustrates how donations and purchases fund the Coexist Campaign, and lay out the goals of Coexist as an organization. The campaign was conceived and creative directed by Wander founder Aaron Weber. The animated video was led by Wander visual effects supervisor Eric Reinfeld.    

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Pet Project Web Series Promotes the Adoption of Rescue Animals

Emily Sheskin and Suzanna Shumacher's pet project, both literally and figuratively, is a documentary web series called The Sidekick Series which profiles a loveable bunch of adopted pets and their owners. The goal is to promote the adoption of rescue animals. Sheskin says of doing the series while both of them hold down full-time jobs, "I cut back on social obligations during the week so I could write and plan the episodes and what I thought the general story arc would be, shoot for three to five hours on a Saturday or Sunday, come home and try to get a rough cut together. I will say, when you have a project you like and are really excited about, it doesn’t seem like work. I often came home and started editing because I couldn’t wait to put the episode together and was excited to see what it was going to look like.”

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Andrew Douglas' New Jake Bugg Music Video Shows Grit in a Beautiful, Slowed-Down Light

Director Andrew Douglas' music video for Jake Bugg's "Messed Up Kids" provides a black-and-white vignette of the modern British housing project. Says Douglas, "We wanted something gritty but ordinary so it would stand in for the Clifton Estate, where Jake is from, or indeed anywhere in the UK. Jake didn’t want to feature too much in this film, feeling that it would be disingenuous for him to still play a ‘messed up kid’ where he grew up. But he liked the idea of being the author or observer.” Watch below and read more here on NOWNESS. Jake Bugg: Messed Up Kids on

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Lady Gaga's New Music Video Is as Silly, Infectious, and Attention-Grabbing As Expected

Lady Gaga directs the epic, 7-minute music video (11 minutes with credits) for her new single "G.U.Y." which manages to mix Greek mythology with Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, features Andy Cohen as God, and depicts one hell of a pool party. Watch below.

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Artist Transforms His Hometown with Beautiful, Ephemeral Projected Graffiti

Philip Echaroux has transformed his hometown of Marseille, Fance with an art project he calls Painting with Lights. The project takes the concept of street art and graffiti to new levels thanks to projection mapping. As actor Patrick Bosso says in the video below, "Ephemeral art is a concept I really do love. It transforms the city without damaging her. No holes, no work, no paintings; we don’t impose it to anyone because it can go. At the same time it gives colors to the town and in a way, it is kind of dressing her up." See it in action below.

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Chris Shier's Abstract Interactive Music Video Lets Users Paint on His Canvas

Chris Shier's abstract, interactive video for ingMob's "i/o" allows users to manipulate the trippy imagery that floats across the screen in time with the song. Shier tells The Creators Project, "I wanted to make the piece function both as a passive video, and as an interactive plaything. To that end, the piece should respond to the amount of energy and action the user puts in. If they want to relax and absorb it, they can, but if they want to play along and add their mark to it, they should be able to participate. I think people enjoy adding chaos to things, so they can mess up what I've made as much as they like." Watch it and read more here.    

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'Jodorowsky's Dune' Redefines the Concept of Failure

The Moveable Fest talks to director Frank Pavich about his documentary Jodorowsky's Dune which lovingly tells the story of the greatest film to never get made. Says Pavich, "There’s other great films that never happened. Kubrick’s Napoleon was a big one. It had that big Taschen book that came out recently and you can go through it and see all his research and that’s a great story, but it kind of ends there. That work didn’t influence anything else as far as I know. Jodo’s film was never realized as a film but everything still went out into the universe and all these people’s careers and lives were changed for the better. All those ideas still made it out into other films and comics. So that’s what made it interesting, it’s that 'Is it a failure or is it not?' I don’t know. Maybe this was what was supposed to happen."