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The Art and Science of 'Particle Fever'

Fast Company's Co.Create talks to physicist-turned-filmmaker Mark Levinson about his science documentary, Particle Fever. Says Levinson, "In art and science we’re trying to represent the world around us. In physics, the language we use is math. But painters and musicians also represent the world in a way that moves you and gives you insight.” Read the full story here.    

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Katy Perry Promos New Music Video in Transformative Video

In the lead-up to the release for her latest music video for single "Birthday," Katy Perry has released a fun and silly video highlighting "The World's Worst Birthday Party Entertainers." The catch? It's actually Perry underneath a load of make-up as she turns into a grandma, a clown, a spoiled princess, and a joke-cracking rabbi. This is the second promo Perry has done for "Birthday." The first was a lyric video which featured the words of the song spelled out in cake from Charm City Cakes (of Ace of Cakes fame). The official video for "Birthday" will be released on April 24th.

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Watch a Clip from Kelly Reichardt's 'Night Moves'

HitFix has an exclusive clip from Kelly Reichardt's new movie Night Moves, which opens on May 30th. As they explain it, "It's tough to sell this kind of slow-burner with a single clip, but this a pretty precise indication of the indie thriller's brittle, nervous tone, with every exchange between the characters from a certain point building the fractious tension." Watch below and read more here.

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Director One9 Talks Tribeca All Access Program and His Nas Documentary

Filmmaker Magazine talks to director One9 about his Nas documentary Time Is Illmatic.

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The Director of 'In Your Eyes' Talks Joss Whedon Involvement

Vulture's Jennifer Vineyard talks to director Brin Hill and the cast of In Your Eyes about how much involvement writer/executive producer Joss Whedon had in the final movie. Says Hill, "We did the table reads at Joss's house [where Whedon last shot Much Ado About Nothing]. So we were walking on the ghosts of Much Ado. He watched dailies every day. He was weighing in on things. He was in and out of the edit room." Read the full story here.

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Live Stunt TV Is Having a Moment

Realscreen's Manori Ravindran examines the risk and rewards associated with a new wave of live stunt television (such as Felix Baumgartner's Space Jump). Says Sharon Scott, president and gerneral manager of Peacock Productions (currently producing an upcoming live special about the first attempted wingsuit flight of the Mt. Everest summit), "There was a time in cable where live was expensive and perishable and not worth the money, because everyone was building brands and successful strands, and live is a big chunk of money just for one night. But now, given that there are so many different ways to view, and no one views in real time, the only way to get people to do something as a group and talk about it the next day at the water cooler is to go live.”

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Joss Whedon Distributes 'In Your Eyes' Ahead of Theatrical Release on Vimeo on Demand

Simultaneously with its premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, Joss Whedon has released his latest film In Your Eyes (which he wrote and produced, Brin Hill directed) exclusively on Vimeo on Demand. The film is available to rent for $5 about three months ahead of its wider theatrical release. The film is available exclusively through Vimeo for 72 hours. See Whedon introduce the offer below and rent it here. (via Engadget)

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The Brave New World of Tablet Storytelling

PSFK explores the way that new tablet technology is bringing extra dimension and opportunity to storytellers and content creators. “The element of discovery is one of the joys of the tablet,” says Sara Quinn, a lead researcher behind Poynter's eyetracking study. “And for journalists and storytellers, it takes practice to develop the skills to create consistently strong interactive experience in a story.” Read the full story here.

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'Vikings' Experiments with Augmented Reality

Vikings' impressive experimentation with augmented reality lets users download an app to view and interact with 3D renderings of the show's characters. The campaign was created by L.A. agency bpg. Explains Cool Hunting, "Bpg made the trek to Ireland—where the show is filmed—and set up 63 8K-resolution digital cameras to capture every angle possible angle of the 10 different actors in Viking costumes. This 3D photograph is then turned into a 3D model, which allows it to have the AR possibility. By opening the Ultimate Reality app, fans can scan the flat image and then can take photos of themselves next to a 3D Viking or study the character up-close and in detail."

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SWEATSHOPPE Paints Museum Walls with Video

Multimedia art duo SWEATSHOPPE (a.k.a. Bruno Levy and Blake Shaw) were responsible for a video painting exhibition that took place at the Brooklyn Museum this week. Explains The Creators Project about how it works, "To elaborate, video painting includes special system where a paint roller is embedded with infrared LEDs, which are turned on by a switch at the bottom of the roller. A Kinect camera is set up to "see" the LEDs, which alerts a computer of the roller's position and subsequently splashes video images on any surface. Last night's visualizations were filled with surrealist iconography—giant laughing mouths, uncooked fish, and more, all distinguished by hyper-vibrant colors. The museum-goers ate it up and there was a line all night."