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Music Video Creates Mechanical In-Camera GIFs

The music video for Pains of Being Pure at Heart's "Simple and Sure" brings the GIF trend full circle--by recreating their endless loops mechanically in-camera. It's a charming concept and an impressive feat to pull off for its actors, who sometimes repeat some pretty complicated movements. The video was made by collective BANGS. Watch below. (via Fast Company's Co.Create)

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Nike Releases First World Cup 2014 Commercial

Though not an official sponsor of the World Cup (that would be Adidas), Nike has nevertheless released its first spot teasing the football tournament. The spot stars soccer stars Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. It was directed by Jonathan Glazer. Watch below and read more here on Creative Review.

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Errol Morris on the 'Infernal Grin' Behind 'The Unknown Known'

Film Journal International talks to director Errol Morris about his complex documentary The Unknown Known, which initially sought out to humanize former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld and maybe seek out some justifications for the Iraq War. Says Morris, "You look for depth, you look for someone connected to history, and you find nothing. You find this infernal grin. Having made this film, I would have to say I know less about why we went to Iraq than I did going into it. And I think there's something very important to be learned from that." Read the full story here.

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Richard Ayoade Explores Loneliness in 'The Double'

Den of Geek talks to Submarine director Richard Ayoade about his latest film, The Double, based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

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Jonathan Glazer on Capturing Truth with Hidden Cameras in 'Under the Skin'

Jonathan Glazer talks to Den of Geek about his new film, Under the Skin, a lot of which was filmed with hidden cameras capturing Scarlett Johansson in disguise in the streets of Glasgow.

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Sebastian Junger Reveals Plans to Self-Distribute Latest Documentary

Realscreen has announced that director Sebastian Junger plans to self-distribute his latest documentary, Korengal--a sequel to his Oscar-nominated Restrepo. The film will be in NYC theaters in May and on VOD in September. “We’re going to kind of use the Louis C.K. model,” Junger says. “He just bypassed the whole power structure in media, which is pretty amazing, so that’s what we’re going to try and do. Documentaries don’t get the opportunity to do that that often, but I think that we can because we have an enormous fan base from Restrepo. So we’re in a great position to leverage that." Read the full story here.  

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New Short Documentary Looks at Piracy for Cinephiles

The short documentary "Bootleg Cinema Paradiso," sheds a different light on piracy. It looks at two popular bootleggers in Lima, Peru whose DVD store provides Peruvians access to independent and classic films they might not otherwise get a chance to see. "Good cinema is culture but really all kinds of knowledge is good and it's important to have access to knowledge," one of them says. 'Pasaie 18' specializes in doing that." Watch below. (via Indiewire)

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Inside Season 2 of 'Inside Amy Schumer'

The second season of Comedy Central’s successful sketch show, Inside Amy Schumer, premieres tonight and CableFax Portal's Kaylee Hultgren talks to executive producer and showrunner Dan Powell about the inner workings of the series.

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Lily Baldwin Makes Transition from Dance to Film With New Short

Dancer Lily Baldwin makes the leap to film with her stylish short film "Sleepover LA," which she wrote, directed, and stars in. She tells NOWNESS, "Transitioning from performance into film has made so much sense, as all film is choreography...The camera can create an intimacy that's not possible from the stage." Watch below and read more here. Sleepover LA on  

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Brock Davis Uses Vine, Instagram and More to Their Full Artistic Potential

Artist Brock Davis has garnered attention for being able to manipulate his art to perfectly align with platforms like Vine, Flickr, and Instagram. He tells CNET, "Flickr was my gateway medium back in 2009. I participated in a project called Make Something Cool Every Day in which I created a piece every day for 365 days. The process of having to come up with an idea and execute it daily was challenging and refreshing but it also helped me become reacquainted with how I used to make art when I was a kid. Spontaneity is a big part of how I create. While Flickr is great for sharing photos and experiences, it has a bit more breathing room when it comes to sharing and uploading. Instagram, Vine, and other social hubs are a bit more in the moment and immediate. Spontaneity is a key ingredient. I also like that they come with limitations. Having limitations and parameters can make for some great work."