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'Mistaken for Strangers' Tells Brotherly Rock 'n' Roll Story

Documentary Mistaken for Strangers is an unflinchingly intimate portrait of rock band The National as they embarked on their 2010 tour. The all-access look is thanks to director Tom Berninger's close and personal relationship with the band: the lead singer, Matt Berninger, is his brother. Tom tells Vulture, "I got the drummer naked in the movie, but I think at some point I think I filmed everyone at least in their underwear, where I’m like: Maybe as blackmail, I’ll keep that to myself...If the band wouldn't let me release the movie, I would have that footage, like, Well, I have you in your underwear, or even fully naked." Read the full story here.

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'Breathe In' Director Drake Doremus on the Challenges of Bigger Budgets and Growth as a Filmmaker

Drake Doremus (Like Crazy) opens up to Filmmaker Magazine about making his third film, Breathe In, and the challenges that come with a bigger budget and higher expectations.

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Lena Dunham Directs Bleachers Music Video

Lena Dunham adds one more thing to her already impressive resume by directing the funny music video for The Bleachers' "I Wanna Get Better." The band is led by Dunham's boyfriend Jack Antonoff, who, in the video, plays a therapist who could use life counseling of his own. Watch below.

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New Software Company Brings Interactive Screens to Elevators

Software and sensor system Digigage can turn elevators into multisensory, interactive experiences. A large, installed screen reacts to the motion of the elevator car to display, for example, an aquarium that moves up with you. CEO Jonathan Einav tells TechCrunch. "We are aiming to become a universal platform for content and information tailored to the elevator market. Any elevator company can add the system to their elevators in order to enhance the passenger experience and building communication while using their product." Read more here and watch it in action below.

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David Silis Directs Slyly Sexy Video for The Kooks

David Silis directs the music video for The Kooks' "Down," which keeps it sexy with a series of non sequitor imagery and striking lighting choices. Watch below.

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'Cheap Thrills' Has Rich Returns Thanks to Viral Marketing

The story of Cheap Thrills is one of viral success and a production company that has fully embraced how to play the indie film game in 2014. Released by Drafthouse Films, the movie opened in Austin and Los Angeles this weekend and, with little traditional fanfare, had better per-screen average than Muppets Most Wanted and Nymphomaniac.

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Film History in 15 Minutes: The History of the Movie Trailer

In the latest in Filmmaker IQ's great film history web series, John P. Hess looks at the history of the film trailer, which dates back to 1913. Watch the 15-minute video, chock-full of interesting tidbits and vintage footage, below.

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Azazel Jacobs on Creating Miniseries 'Doll and Em' with Binge-Watching in Mind

Filmmaker Magazine talks to Azazel Jacobs about his 6-part HBO miniseries Doll and Em, which he says was specifically created with binge-watching in mind. He says, "All of us know that this show is going to be watched the way we have been all watching shows, usually after [their initial airing]. They will be watched when they are all together. That’s something this story allows, and we had that in mind. I wanted it to hold together in one sitting, because that’s, for the most part, how we are watching shows today." Read the full story here.

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Meet the Artist: Christian Marclay, March 29th, Washington, DC

Washington DC's Hirshhorn Museum is presenting an evening with multimedia artist Christian Marclay, whose 24-hour film The Clock made waves a couple of years ago. Marclay's ouevre spans a range of mediums, including performance, solo recordings, compilation, sculpture, photography, painting, video, and multimedia installation. His current installation, Damage Control: Art and Destruction Since 1950, is on display now at the Hirshhorn Museum.

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Watch a Duel Between a Pianist and His Own Hologram

Japanese rock star Yoshiki, who is about to embark on his first world tour as a classical pianist, gave the fans at SXSW a taste of what they can expect by performing a piano duet. The twist: the duet was actually performed with a holographic version of himself. Watch below. (via PSFK)