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Silent Films Inspire Jonas Akerlund's Coldplay Music Video

Jonas Akerlund directs the stylish music video for Coldplay's new single "Magic," which stars Zhang Ziyi as a circus magician and Chris Martin in dual roles as her lovesick assistant and jealous, villainous husband. The look of the video is inspired by silent films. Akerlund tells NOWNESS, "I came from music and thought there was nothing more compelling until I discovered filmmaking and realized what real magic is." Watch below and see more images from the shoot here.

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David Gordon Green on Challenging the Audience with ‘Joe’

Director David Gordon Green’s résumé is eclectic to say the least. From the romantic indie All the Real Girls to the raucous Pineapple Express, Green is not content to stick to one genre. His latest is the dark drama, Joe, which tells the story of an ex-con (Nicolas Cage) who becomes a stand-in father figure to a young, homeless boy.

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Watch the Trailer for NBC's 'Rosemary's Baby'

Watch the full trailer for NBC's horror mini-series Rosemary's Baby, starring Zoe Saldana and Jason Isaacs. The two-part show premieres on May 11th and concluded on May 15th. Watch below.

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Digital Video Magazine Announces 2014 NAB Best of Show Award Winners

Digital Video magazine, published by NewBay Media’s Broadcast/Video Group, has announced its Best of Show Award winners at the 2014 NAB Show. NewBay Media’s Best of Show Awards are judged by a panel of engineers and industry experts on the criteria of innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry. Only a small number of products were selected to receive a Best of Show Award from among hundreds of new products in competition. The 2014 winners are: AJA CION Camera Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 11

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Yu+Co. Build Tech City for 'Silicon Valley' Opening Titles

The opening titles for HBO's new Silicon Valley features several iconic tech logos--from Napster to MySpace to Twitter and beyond--adorning what looks like a toy city filmed in time-lapse. The titles were created by yU+Co. Watch below.

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MTV's Programming Chief: 'It's a Challenge Not to Grow Up the Network'

In a candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter, MTV's president of programming, Susanna Daniels, explains the network's constant battle to remain relevant to its young audience. From MTV's Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life "It's about hit shows, as it is for any network," she says. "In our case, it's a challenge not to grow up the network. Most networks have an older median age than we do, and to stay there is a challenge because your audience grows up with you. Some of our audience started watching Real World 29 seasons ago."

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Filmmaker Jon Bowermaster on Shooting Antarctica in 3D

Chronogram talks to Jon Bowermaster about being the first filmmaker to capture Antarctica in 3D for the documentary Antarctica, On the Edge. He says, "This was the first time I'd shot in 3D. I knew it was going to be more difficult, but I thought it might be two or three times more difficult, more time-consuming, that normal shooting. Instead, everything right through post-production, seemed to take 10 times longer. In the field, the two big cameras that create the 3D were kept outside on the deck of the boat the entire trip. If we had brought them in they risked condensation which we'd never be able to dry out. Each morning it would take the director of photography two to three hours to calibrate, his head under a dark cloth as he tinkered. The result was that nothing was shot spontaneously." Read the full story here.

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'The Trials of Muhammad Ali' Tells Story of Identity & Cultural Impact

Bill Siegel’s documentary The Trials of Muhammad Ali, which aired as part of PBS’ Independent Lens series this week, is a film that has been 23 years in the making and addresses the cultural and political impact of the famed boxer. “As a storyteller, I'm driven by the question, ‘How do you get to be to who you are?’” Siegel tells “Everyone comes into their own differently, and in doing so comes to establish their identity.”

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David Attenborough Filming Nature Documentary for Oculus Rift

Veteran nature documentary filmmaker David Attenborough is about to give the latest cutting-edge technology a whirl. He is filming his newest film for a virtual reality platform. Writes The Verge, "The upcoming Conquest of the Skies is currently filming with a special eight-camera rig to deliver 360-degree video for users of the upcoming Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. While we don't actually know the subject matter of the film, you can expect some airborne footage, as the eight-camera rig was recently used in a flight over Borneo." Read the full story here.

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Phillip Phillips Gets Turned Into Living Art in New Music Video

Ethan Lader directs the new music video for Phillip Phillips' "Raging Fire," which partially features the singer/songwriter being incorporated into a painting of, what else, a raging fire. Watch below.