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Jim Jarmusch Has a Lot of Hope for the Future of Indie Cinema

Jim Jarmusch has been making acclaimed independent films for over thirty years. With his latest, Only Lovers Left Alive, Jarmusch proves that he hasn’t lost his zest for the artform or his unique viewpoint.

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How Jason Wishnow Made an Impromptu Short Film with Ai Weiei and Christopher Doyle

When Jason Wishnow, former film director for TED, left his job and went on a writing sabbatical to China, he had no intention of making a short film, let alone one that stared famed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and was shot by the legendary Christopher Doyle. The sci-film, called "The Sand Storm," was eventually filmed in two weeks and has already raised almost $63,000 of its finishing costs on Kickstarter. "I have a bad habit of tackling obsessively overly ambitious short films that will potentially do nothing for my career trajectory," Wishnow notes to Fast Company's Co.Create. Read the full story here.

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Henry Scholfield Directs Upside Down Dance Party for Foxes Music Video

Henry Scholfield directs the music video for Foxes' "Holding Onto Heaven," which gets literally flipped on its head multiple times as it depicts a far out dance party. Watch below.

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Sentimental Meets Shareable in Viral Non-Profit Branded Videos

Mallory Russell of MediaPost examines the trend of non-profit branded videos that aim for sentimentality and can, when done right, achieve shareability. She writes, "Every year, we see new creative trends emerge. Over the past couple of years, we saw stunts and pranks move to the forefront. But in 2014, viewers have made it clear that they want as many tear-jerking videos as brands can produce...While any brand can create this type of video, the demand for emotional storytelling -- be in heartwarming or heartbreaking -- is especially opportune for nonprofits. There is something innately emotional and engaging about a nonprofit, which usually works to remedy a wrong." Read the full story here.

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HBO Releases First Episode of 'Silicon Valley' on YouTube

HBO has made the first episode of Mike Judge's new comedy series SIlicon Valley available to watch on YouTube in its entirety. Check it out below.

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Expectation and Preparation: The Game of Directing 'Game of Thrones'

Alex Graves talks to Fast Company's Co.Create about what it takes to direct a show as logistically and materially complex as Game of Thrones. Says Graves, "It’s a great job creatively because you do come in and the expectation is, 'Please go and direct your butt off.' They’re wrangling so much that the producers want the directors to direct and envision their script." Read the full story here.    

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Janelle Monae and M.I.A. Duet Live Via Holograms

As a stunt for Audi's launch of the new A3, Janelle Monae and M.I.A. performed with one another on opposite coasts via holographic projections. The technology advances on breakthroughs that were showcased during Tupac Shakur's famed posthumous Coachella appearance in 2012. M.I.A. tells HitFix, "I think if you can have artists be a hologram and you can access it, and you have them life-size, in your house, it could be kind of cool. It's definitely cool for us and it's cool for me. I could be in 10 places at once...I hope they get it together to the point that it's accessible." Read the full story here.

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Canon's New Ad Celebrates Individual Perspectives Via Eyeballs

A new :60-second spot from Canon celebrates every human being's unique perspective by showing close-ups of eyeballs. As a sentimental narration plays, the eyeballs are reflected with various scenes depicting the vast scope of human experiences and ending with the tagline "No one sees it like you." Watch below.

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The Interactive Music Video Business Is Booming

In 2013, the one-two punch of Bob Dylan's channel-surfing interactive music video for "Like a Rolling Stone" and Pharrell Williams' 24-hour site for "Happy" ushered in a new era of interactive music videos. Interlude CEO Yoni Boch--part of the team that created the Bob Dylan experience--tells The Next Web's Alexander Huls, "[Interactive videos make you] lean forward. [They make you want to] explore and get lost … [to] play an active role and essentially edit the video how you want.” Read the full story here.  

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Discovery and Science Channel Planning a Live Broadcast from the Moon

Discovery and the Science Channel have plans to beam back a live broadcast from the moon in 2015. The stunt will be the final episode of a series documenting the Google Lunar XPrize competition, which will see private companies battling to land an unmanned craft on the moon for a $30 million dollar prize. Says XPrize president Robert K. Weiss, "More than half the world's population has never had the opportunity to experience a live broadcast from the moon. Partnering with Discovery Channel and Science Channel will allow us to engage the public around this milestone event, creating an ‘Apollo Moment’ for the next generation.” Read the full story here on TheWrap.