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Tracing the Life and Work of an Artist in 'Burden'

Interpreting the life and work of an artist as a young man (and as a mid-aged man, and then as an older man facing his own illness) is a complicated effort — made even more challenging by the fact that artist Chris Burden resisted timelines and linearity in his own artistic endeavors. Yet the directors of the film Burden manage to highlight the provocative, attention-grabbing, creative process......

David Lynch on 'Twin Peaks' and the Movies in His Head

Director David Lynch muses on his original and new Twin Peaks series, and the how his develops his signature visuals: "I don't really think about style," Lynch tells Brandon R. Reynolds. "It's like a movie screen in your head: You see a thing and you hear a thing and you feel the mood. You just try to get every element as good as you can."A feature film has a beginning, a middle, and an end,......

Inside the Covert Production on 'Inside the FBI: New York'

Detailing his work on the A&E series "Inside the FBI: New York," cinematographer Daniel B. Levin explains, "I have shot in many unique documentary situations and have spent a good amount of time covering law enforcement, but never have we, nor any other film crew, gained access to the New York FBI field office." From the Emmy-winning creator of "Law & Order" Dick Wolf, and Peabody- and Emmy......

Ana Lily Amirpour on 'The Batch Batch:' "Dark, Weird, Crazy, Chaotic"

"For me, making a film is this crazy, psychedelic, internal experience, and it takes a while to fully see what is going on," explains director Ana Lily Amirpour about "The Batch Batch," her new film that follows protagonist Arlen (played by Suki Waterhouse) through what Nicolas Rapold describes as "American desert borderlands occupied by violent exiles and daft cult members. Forget about a wall......

Live Streaming: Where Do We Go Next?

In a recent interview with Michael Goldman, Nils Krahnstoever, senior engineering manager for YouTube Live, discussed the current state of live streaming. “On the creator side, one of the biggest drivers of the growth of live streaming in general are readily available encoding and streaming solutions,” Krahnstoever said. “PCs have become powerful enough to encode and live stream easily;......


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